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Eco Chic Movement – Adult Line. Includes a discount code!

Hey folks,

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. Life has been very busy and sleep deprived since Mason’s birth in November. That said, I have been fortunate enough to have been selected by an amazing local company to be a brand ambassador. Eco Chic Movement is a fantastic company headed by Dr. Alexis Reid – a chemical engineer, pharmacologist, toxicologist and naturopathic doctor here in Ottawa. I came across their baby line while working at Belly Laughs and LOVED it. When they gave me the opportunity to try a selection of their adult products, I practically jumped at my screen.

So, first here’s a bit of background on me and my needs. I was born with eczema, which most people tend to grow out of. My eczema is everywhere, though tends to be worst on my face (eye lid, mouth, nose), as well as my arms and hands.  My skin is dry and dehydrated (I tend to drink more coffee than water…I know, I know). and I abuse it with poor makeup techniques and products. I am extremely sensitive to all sorts of products, which means I have to be very careful about what I use or I will have a bad rash or breakout. So, there we are. Oh, and I actually own a few of their products myself so I’ll add those in too. Now, let’s get to my reviews.

Body Butter


I love body butters. I just do. Creamy, thick and so so moisturizing. Perfect for after a shower or bath. ECM’s Body Butter is no different. Mostly Shea butter with some great oils, it doesn’t sit on the skin in a greasy mess like other butters I’ve tried.  It absorbs nicely and leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling faintly of…rootbeer? licorice?



Peppermint Foot Cream

While not currently on their page (keep in mind everything is hand made locally, so the page gets edited with their stock all the time), this Peppermint Foot Cream really wowed me. Thick, lovely and smells great. My feet immediately felt so much better. Perfect for these dry winter days.

Hand Lotion


A gentle and quick absorbing hand lotion, this one is probably better for your average person whose fingers aren’t a hot mess of eczema. It just isn’t quite thick enough for my needs right now, but I do appreciate that it didn’t leave me with a residue and that it was unscented.




Dry Skin Moisturizer


This one is a dry skin face cream and my new go-to. It’s not heavy, and left my skin feeling lovely. You still need to use something with spf in it (don’t skip that!), but this is a great first step for your winter skin care day routine.




Oily Skin Moisturizer


This is a specially designed face cream for those with oily skin. This is a great light face moisturizer that doesn’t over do it. Won’t clog pores while still keeping your skin happy.






This one I purchased on my own from Belly Laughs. It’s a great kids-safe sunscreen that isn’t too greasy or chalky.

Outdoor Body Spray

Another one not currently on their page, as it’s out of season here in Ottawa. Holy, this product was insanely popular here in Ottawa last summer. So much so that Belly Laughs couldn’t keep it in stock. It’s an all natural blend of oils that deter those annoying bitey bugs from chomping down on you and your family. Works well for your average day to day summer activities, but keep in mind that it contains no DEET, which means it isn’t meant for deep woods or camping.

Nipple Balm


Thankfully, I haven’t had to use this nipple balm as Mason has been a champ with breast feeding. I have been using it as a lip balm though, and I love it!




Belly Butter



Ok, this is my favourite belly butter out there. Yes, I said it. I went through two of these things during my pregnancy and I loved it. It kept the itchiness at bay, moisturized my very sensitive skin and it smells like marshmellows! The left overs have been great as a heavy duty body butter during these cold winter months. Love it!



So, there you have it folks. Everything I’ve tried, I’ve loved. I really appreciate the natural ingredients, and the thoughtfulness that went into putting these products together. The only products in the adult line that I haven’t yet tried is the lip balm and the deodorant, though I am planning on buying the deodorant to try (as my usual Nivea one is just about done). I am all about supporting local businesses, so this one is important to me. To encourage you to give ECM a try, I have a discount code for you to use!

Use when checking out on their website.

Please let me know about what you try. I really hope you love these products as much as I do. A review of the baby line is coming up soon.

Are there any other products that you’d like to see me talk about here? Shoot me a line and let me know!

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Women’s Health Month

With only a couple days left in May, I am definitely late to the party. Did you know that May was Women’s Health Month? I didn’t! That is until the great people at Oscar Insurance contacted me to let me know. I wish there was more information out there on this. It is so important that we take the time to make sure our bodies are working the way they should. It’s also the perfect time to prioritize going for the walk, hitting the gym or drinking more water.It’s never too late to start! It’s been difficult for me, with my morning sickness and exhaustion, but I’ve been trying very hard to eat a varied diet and to go out for a walk as much as I can. Small changes make a big difference, you know? Here’s a great infographic of important check ups each one of us ladies need to stay on top of our health. For my American friends, if you’re in the market for NY or NJ health insurance plans, be sure to look up Oscar and all their services that help make these check-ups and the rest of healthcare a simple, stress-free process. For example, they have tools like their Doctor on Call service that allows members to speak with their doctor within an hour through the Oscar app. Taking away the need to make a trip to the doctor for any health questions you may have!

Oscar Women's Checkups

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What would you do with an extra $100?

What would you do with an extra $100? Brought to you by Dollar Shave Club and IatH, image of canadian moneyAs you guys know, I am frugal as hell (and, you know, broke) and am always looking for a way to save our family as much as I can. I recently came across the Dollar Shave Club and I think it is a great way for those of us who like to shave (Remember, it’s your body! You do what you like!) to save a some cash while keeping ourselves smooooooth.

So, the basic idea is this: You sign up with those sexy people, and you end up saving about $100 on razors just by using their service. So, what would you do with and extra $100? I’d like to say I would pay off some debt, cover some bills or add to savings (Savings! Ha!), but just for fun, I’ve got a few things that I have been eyeing:

  • Yarny Goodness (Because I am always looking for an excuse to fail at Cold Sheeping). I would specifically love to add more MadTosh to my stash. Isn’t it gorgeous? It is the best to knit with. Ever.Madeline Tosh Vintage yarnI would also love to try some more Sweet Georgia yarns. I’ve been following her blog for years and years, and remember when she first started out selling her yarn. I bought a skein then, and have refused to knit with it out of reverence.
  • I have a ModCloth wish list that could stretch all the way out to the Moon. I would looooove to grab a piece or two.
    Aren’t these Keds amazing? I have been obsessed with floral footwear since last year and I live in flats, so these are perfect!
    I have been living in leggings and skinny jeans, so I am always trying to add to my collection of tunics and flowy tops. I love the details on this one, and I think it would be flattering with my curves
    I have been living in leggings and skinny jeans, so I am always trying to add to my collection of tunics and flowy tops. I love the details on this one, and I think it would be flattering with my curves

    Honestly, you want to know my style? Check out my ModCloth wish list. It is basically how I wish I could dress.

  • Etsy. I love supporting artists and owning beautiful items that you can’t find just anywhere. Here are some examples from my wishlist.Oversized slouchy Deathly Hallows long sleeved shirt Etsy found necklaces made from agate slices, sea glass coloured. earthenware light blue mug with Grocery tote bag that reads "Groceries & Shit" There is so much you can do with $100! I’d love to see your wish lists and ideas! Send them my way :)