Curly Girl

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry that the blog is looking a little generic these days. Unfortunately, my paid account with WordPress came up for renewal at a time when finances just don’t have the room for me to make the splurge. This means all of my customizations had to go for now. At least it’s still cute, right?

Before I dive in to talking about my Hurr, I wanted to take a sec to wish all my fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving. 2016 hasn’t exactly gone to plan for us, but I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family and group of friends in my life, and that includes you guys, my followers.  So, thank you so much for being a part of my world. You guys are fantastic <3

So, on to the goods. Today I want to talk to you about my hair. After spending my life trying to manage this mop, I have started educating myself on my texture. I went in to a new salon that specializes in wavy and curly hair and got a cut to try and wake up my curls. Years of abuse have left my hair frizzy and significantly relaxed from the curls of yesteryears. Through some advice from my stylist and the salon owner, Paula, I went home and dove into researching products that would be better for my scalp and my texture. I discovered the world of Curly Girl.

I am about a month in to my new regimen and for the most part, I am loving it. Basically, I no longer use Shampoo to wash my hair. I know, crazy right? This is what I do now.



Instead, I use conditioner to wash, and then more conditioner as a leave in after my shower. I then use an old large tshirt to “plop”, which sort of dries the hair a bit and removes some of the extra product.


Air drying

I leave the plop on anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight. When I feel like taking it off, I add a crap ton of gel and let it air dry.


Dry crunchy hair

Once it’s completely dry, I scrunch out the crunch with a t-shirt.  Basically, I get rid of that crunchy hard gel texture by gently scrunching it out.

I then try not to wash again for a few days. I protect the curls as much as possible and refresh every morning with water mixed with conditioner and reapply a bit more gel to help combat frizz


Bed time fashions so fancy


Day 3 hair, y’all. AMAZING.

So far, I am really impressed at the change in my hair and my scalp. I had pretty severe psoriasis a month ago, and now I have maybe two small patches that come and go.So, to review, let’s look at some before and after shots to give you an idea of how much my curl has changed with this no-poo no-silicone no-sulfates no-alcohol method.


So, the left is the before, the right is this past week. I’m hoping for more improvements in a couple of weeks, but already you can see a bit change in the reduction of frizz, the shape of the wave/curl and how the curl starts at the scalp (in the front) now, as opposed to eye/ears before. I’m pretty happy with that! It’s definitely a big change, but I like the way it’s going. I’ll update you guys again in a month or two.

Review: Clairol Natural Instincts Dye

BzzAgent and Clairol contacted me a little while ago, asking if I would like to try their Natural Instincts dye for free. Um, yes. For those who have been following me a while, you may remember that Natural Instincts used to be my jam. Since about the end of high school, I have been using Natural Instincts to dye my hair everything from reds, to browns, to blondes. Here’s a little time line of my hair changes over the years.

So, they asked me to pick a colour and sent a box my way.

I wanted something that would blend in well with my natural colour, so I went with Toasted Almond.


#gotitfree y’all! So, me being the patient woman that I am, I pretty much immediately threw it into my hair. Here’s what happened:

This is me before. Notice the sort of orangey ends and brassiness to my colour. Post partum and summer time hasn’t been kind to my hair. Obvs.


This is me during. Thankfully, this was a super quick and easy process. Once you mix the things up, you apply the dye to your hair, roots to ends. Once my hair was fully saturated, I clipped it up and hung out with my best buddy Netflix for an episode before washing it out. clairol3

I then used the included conditioner and let my hair air dry. Man, that conditioner is the best. Like, I want to dye my hair more often just to have this amazing stuff in my life FOREVER. Here are the results!

Immediately after dying:


My hair no longer has that brassiness to it and the ends blend in waaaaay better. It’s a really beautiful natural brown colour with shine. Loooove.

Yesterday, so maybe 2 weeks later?


My hair seems to have depth and a healthy shine again. Mama is pleased. The conditioner is keeping things soft and nourished, which makes me feel better about doing a box dye at home.

Overall, I am really happy with my experience. It was really easy to do, with minimal mess and fuss, and the results were really nice. Thanks again to Clairol and BzzAgent for letting me try this!

Note: While this product was sent to me, I have not been paid to write this review. As always, all thoughts and reactions are my honest opinion and experience. 

July 2016 Topbox and Boxycharm Reviews

It has been a great month for trying new products here in Heatherland. One of my favourite ways to get my hands on a bunch of different things is the glorious subscription box! In my case, my sister has gifted me with a subscription to Topbox and Boxycharm. I have been doing snapchat unboxings and have now had some time to play with the products a bit. Here are my thoughts. To see me wearing all of the following products, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

July’s Topbox



Cost: 12$ CAD/month

This month I opted for the tube, rather than the mesh bag. I also received a note from topbox with a bit of news. Because of the fear of a postal strike here in Canada, they were including an extra product. Woo! Also, they were switching over to email cards, so instead of a card explaining values and contents coming in the package, we would get our box info by email instead. Good to know. Here’s what I got:

TheFaceShop Character Face Mask in Pig: Oh man, this was awesome to get. Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask, right? Add to that the terrifying image of a pig face, and you have a very happy Heather. This was a honey based moisture mask (why the pig face then?). My children were both horrified and amused (as was Pat) and my skin felt pretty good afterwards. I would definitely use this again. (4$ value)


Be Delectable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream: I have seen the Delectable brand in the drug store but never really tried it out due to my sensitive dry skin. I have received their Everything Balm in my Rachhloves Topbox and liked it, but didn’t love it. Because of that I was a little meh about getting this. That said, the sample size is AWESOME. Like, this looks full size to me. I love the coconut scent, and the texture is nice. It’s not too greasy and actually does a decent job of moisturizing my hands. I find myself reaching for this over some of my other hand creams. (12$ value)

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara: WOO! I really enjoy this mascara. I’ve been using it for a few years now. I found this sample was a little drier than my regular full sized mascara, so that was a little odd. It still did a great job on my lashes by adding lots of volume and some length without being overly clumpy or heavy feeling. (They list the value as being 30$, which I think is the full sized cost)

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo: I haven’t had the best luck with dry shampoos in the past, so I’m always happy to try a sample size. I enjoyed the scent of this one and loved that it didn’t leave a powdery residue. It gave me some good volume but the texture was a little…I don’t know. I didn’t like touching my hair once I used it. Not my favourite, but still better than most I’ve used. (29$ Value)

Value this Month: 75$ plus the extra item

Bonus Item time!

Starlooks Gem Pencil in Ultra Turquoise: I have really enjoyed all the starlooks products I’ve tried, so I was happy to see this eyeliner. It swatches BEAUTIFULLY and is super pigmented, glittery and creamy. The only negative I have to share is that the cap doesn’t really fit well, which means it dries out quickly. The first time I swatched it was like butter. The second time, a bit drier. When I went to wear it, it was a bit harder to use, which was a bummer because I was really excited to wear it. (9$USD for value on the starlooks site)


Overall Impression of this month’s box: I was really happy with everything in here. I really do appreciate that this is a Canadian customized subscription box, which means the products are more suited to me, rather than just the general population.

July Boxycharm

Cost: $20USD

The theme of this month’s boxycharm is Modern Merbabe, which is definitely something I am into. Here’s what I got:

boxyjul4PYT Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment: I like hair oils, so I was pretty happy to see this. Opening it up, I was a little dismayed that it doesn’t have a closed dispenser, I can see myself spilling or pouring too much product, which isn’t ideal. Also, this is HEAVILY perfumed. Like, intensely. The scent itself is also really masculine. It reminds me a lot of aftershave. Thankfully it doesn’t stick around too long in the hair. My hair felt soft and silky after using it, and I did notice a shine as well. (30$ Value)

Noyah Lip Gloss: I was pumped when I saw this out of the box. The packaging is gorgeous. I love the bamboo handle. The colour is bright and bold, though applies quite sheer. It can be built up though. This is going into my purse immediately. So perfect for the summer. Glossy without being sticky. (16$ value)


Mally Beauty Rounded Blender Brush:  One can never have too many blending brushes. Fluffy and pretty soft (just a little scratchy, but not enough for me to hate), I’m happy with the way this performs. I wish it was longer, but the pink is pretty. Mine arrived dented and scratched, but it doesn’t effect the use. (15$ Value)

OFRA Pallet and 6 Eyeshadows: Whoa. This is definitely the star of this month’s box. I don’t have any other magnetic pallets yet, so this was super exciting for me. The shadows themselves are a good selection of neutrals. 3 are matte, and 3 are shimmers. I have to say I don’t love the matte shades. They are a bit patchy, the lightest one has zero payoff and I found they kicked up a LOT of powder the second your brush touches them. The shimmers are lovely though. Far more creamy and way more pigmented. The colours themselves are a bit off for me. The medium matte shade is more orange than I like, and the lightest shimmer shade wears a lot more green than I expected. I wouldn’t pay the 10$ price tag that OFRA has on these, especially considering Makeup Geek and MAC are cheaper. (59$ Value)


Value this month: 120$! That’s awesome.

Overall Impression: I was really excited when I opened this box. While only the lip gloss was a true win for me, I am happy to try the other products some more and see if I can’t make them work better for me. I always need more blending brushes, so even though it’s not the best out there, the Mally brush is a welcome addition to my collection. The OFRA shadows are a bit disappointing, but the shades are great and they are usable. The pallet makes up for the matte shades for sure, and for the value, I am super pleased.


Here is the look I put together with these two boxes:


boxyjul2I’m wearing the following:

Face – Maybelline Masterprime in Illuminate, Bourjois Healthy Serum foundation in Vanille, Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer in Brightening, NYC Loose Powder in Transluscent. Physicians Formula blush in Happy Booster, Cougar Beauty highlight powder.

Eyes: Essence Give Me Brow in blonde, OFRA shadows, Better than Sex mascara, Starlooks Gel Liner.

Lips: Noyah Lipgloss.

Mason – 7 Months Old


I don’t know why 30 days make such a difference, but the sudden realization that we have less than half a year left before this little one turns 1 is crazy to me.

It has been a very busy month for us. June is always kind of a crazy time with events (including big brother finishing up his first karate session and graduating from dufferdoo), birthdays (I turned 33, for instance!) and anniversaries (Ours! 6 years married now). Being out and about didn’t slow Mason down at all. He has been getting more and more vocal, more mobile and more himself. He is growing so freaking fast!


Where we are now:

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Size 4, cloth diapers in size 2
  • Clothing Size: Depending on the brand, between 9-18months.
  • Favourite Clothes: Clothes are a struggle with this guy. He is smaller than Liam was, and shaped very differently. He HATES getting dressed and especially hates things going over his head and overalls.
  • Nicknames: Mace and Macey, bubba, small fry, turd, petit frite
  • Loves: Rolling, cobra pose, avocados, yelling, banging, splashing, chewing, bouncing, standing, his family, water, Tinga Tinga Tales on Netflix, Cole (the cat), his bunny.
  • Hates: His carseat and the car, medicine,  getting dressed, sleeping.
  • Updates: His two middle bottom teeth finally broke through and now we are working on the uppers. He is  CRANKY teething bear these days. We have been fighting yeast rashes and have had to use disposables while the battle wages. He has started moving around on his own. He rolls around a room, does circles and scoots backwards. He also takes a few steps if we support him standing. He loves to sit up on his own, but has a bad tendency to throw himself over when he’s ready to do something else, resulting in many head bumps. He has been hating naps and sleep lately, which makes for a very tired mama.
  • He is still refusing the bottle, but has started eating food. His favourites at the moment are avocado and apple slices and peanut butter. He HATES baby cereals and purees with a passion (a puking passion). Peaches seem to cause him to break out in little bumps. He’s finally starting to get a bit better in the carseat, but still doesn’t love it. I still wear him all the time, especially for naps because nothing else works for me. Bath time is his favourite thing EVER.

A quick update

I’m hitting that wall of “Oh god, there is so much I need to write about!! Where do I start? I can’t start. I have so much to say!”, so to conquer it, I’m just going to ramble and try to get out as much as I can.

As I mentioned in the last post, there’s been a lot going on here. Our little home is full full full, so I’ve been trying to stay on top of decluttering and housework, which is always a challenge with kids. My spare room/craft room is now A’s bedroom, so all of my stuff needs to find new places to live in our space or else it has to go. It’s been tricky, but good. I love having A with us. I feel like she kind of completes our home (awwwwww).

Pat has been really ill for the last month and a bit, and it has been really difficult for all of us. We still don’t know for sure what’s going on, but we did have some testing done with a GI specialist, so hopefully we will get some answers when the results come in. We need to know what we are facing before we can come up with a game plan. I have a feeling our diets are about to change, as most GI issues are hugely impacted by what we eat…and the crap we’ve been eating has obviously been having a consequence.

My first baby is turning 4 this month. He’s turning freaking FOUR. I plan on making a whole post about him in a bit, so I’ll leave most of the details of him there. I can’t believe how fast time has been flying. He’s such a little boy now, and not a baby. It’s such a sudden shift.

Meanwhile, my baby is 4 months old and is a person now. He interacts with us, plays, giggles and losing his shit when things aren’t the way he wants them. It’s amazing to watch. I’ll post his 4 month stuff with his 5 month I think.

One of my main de-stressors lately has been marathoning beauty videos on youtube. I want to start posting more about beauty, but I’m not sure if I should do that here or start a beauty specific space. What do you guys think? I may do some videos here and there by request and for unboxings. My sister is getting me a topbox subscription for my birthday, so I’m thinking about doing unboxing videos and then indepth reviews here. I’d love to hear yours thoughts on it. Also, do you have any videos that you recommend? I have a few people I’m subscribed to but I’m always looking for more.

Mason – 3 Months Old


This was not a good month for us. The majority of the month saw both Liam and Mason being sick (Liam has pneumonia), and Mason is teething (which means I’m getting bitten, fun times) and now Pat and I as well. There has been a lot of stress, not a lot of sleep and…yeah. Not good. Despite the difficulties, we have seen some amazing changes in Mason. He lost that newborn look and is so much more present and active. He grabs, swats, wiggles, chatters and laughs. It’s awesome to get feedback from him. It helps so much, especially on those hard days.

I remember months 2 and 3 being really hard with Liam. In fact, I remember calling Pat right around my birthday and just sobbing and begging him to come home because I couldn’t do it alone anymore. Thankfully, it’s no where near as bad for me this time around, as I don’t seem to have PPD like I did then, and I am way more confident in my parenting choices and abilities.

Anyway, let’s see what’s going on with Mr. M:

Mason is around 15lbs, according to our home scale
– Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 2, cloth diapers in size 2
– Clothing Size:6 months
– Favourite Clothes: One piece outfits, leggings and long sleeved onesies, and cotton sleepers. There is one shirt that I think we got from Krista that I adore.
This is it:
– Nicknames: Mace and Macey, stinker, squeaker, small fry, turd
– Playing with us by grabbing and kicking
– Teething for sure. Drooling,  biting and teeth are starting to bulge beneath the gums.
– The sound of running water puts him to sleep
– Still won’t take a soother
– Still hates the car and his car seat.
– Loves visits to Nanny’s and Doppy’s
– Likes to practice and work on new moves at around 4am. Lately is trying to figure out rolling.
– Is worn every day, mostly in the Beco Gemini and occasionally a ring sling.
– Loves Scout, a singing stuffie that was his brother’s
– Enjoys watching netflix with his brother.
– HATES taking medicine
Pictures from this month:

Mason – Two Months


Man, were we ever spoiled at the beginning of the winter. Jack Frost is definitely making up for lost time. Unfortunately, this weather has turned me into something of a hermit. It’s such a pain to outfit two kids to head outside, especially when I’m not a fan of winter myself. As a result, I really don’t have much to post about most days. Sorry about that. Also, I’ve decided to cancel my ipsy subscription. I just haven’t been thrilled by it, and with the baby, I’m just not wearing make up right now.

As we settle more comfortably into a routine and the weather warms, I’m sure I’ll have more to say. In the mean time, here is a month’s worth of news.

Mason turned two months old on Friday. I can’t believe how fast time is going this time around. We are right in the middle of wonder weeks, cluster feeding and sleep changes, so I’ve been feeling a little rough. Add to that kindergarten registration for Liam, and you have a very emotional mama. I also managed to hurt one of my toes and have it get infected. So much ouch. I’m on antibiotics now, but if they don’t help, I may need further more invasive help from my doctor. Thankfully, this month also brought me a visit from my sister, Tracy. It’s been a year since her last visit, so I was thrilled to have her and for her to meet Mason. It was so nice to have her here and the week went way too quickly.

I’ve started trying to take care of myself again, as I noticed that I was gaining back weight lost. My back and hips were acting up as a result and I knew I needed to act. I really gained after I had Liam (lost thanks to breastfeeding and then gained back everything I lost a few months after my supply regulated), and I don’t want to do that to myself again. We are trying to keep lots of fresh produce in the house and plan meals again, which is really a lot of work with a velcro baby. So far, the effort has been worth it. I’m feeling much better and my body isn’t as sore all the time.

And now, let’s see what’s going on with Mr. M:

At the end of his second month, Mason is 12lbs, and 59cm tall.
– Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 2, cloth diapers in size 1
– Clothing Size: 3 months, some small 6 months
– Favourite Clothes: Fleece sleepers and onepiece outfits. There’s this one shirt I love that is a 2 in 1 tshirt/onesie.
This is it:
– Nicknames: Mace and Macey (from Liam), Pooper, stinker, squeaker, little man, bug
– Lots of hugs and kisses from his big brother
– Sleeps in bed with Mommy, in the beco gemini or in the pack n play
– Will only fall asleep on the boob or in the beco gemini, daddy’s arms or the car seat
– Started to play with hanging toys on the vibrating chair or activity mat
– Started wearing cloth diapers during the day.
– Hates the carseat and the car
– Stops crying when Kesha’s “Blow” plays, just like his brother.
– Caught first cold
– Colicky/Purple Crying every night from 7 until about 10
– Took a bit of milk from a bottle
– Met his Auntie Tracy, Auntie Sarah, Cousin Annabelle, Auntie Jodie, Uncle Colin, and Cousins Elliot and Wesley.
– First trip to the mall and first ride in the stroller (not a fan)
– Started smiling socially
– Hates being right against mummy’s skin
– Started playing strange. Only wants Mummy
– Started wiggling when awake
– Is worn every day, mostly in the Beco Gemini and occasionally a ring sling.
– Got first set of shots
Pictures from this month:
So, as I mentioned up there, we’ve been really using the Beco Gemini a lot. I have come to terms with the fact that despite my intentions to wrap this baby, my body just can’t do it. It’s too hard on my back to reach like I need to. As a result, I’m going to be selling off most of my wraps, hopefully to fund a Lenny Lamb carrier, which should bridge the gap between our Gemini and Tula. We will keep the ring slings and the mei tai, but that’s it. I’ll make a post with a listing for what I’m selling for those that might be interested.
It’s been so strange packing up the outgrown clothes and baby items. It all happens so fast! We are listing our swing, as he really doesn’t enjoy it anymore and it takes up so much space. I’ve been putting aside his newborn stuff for consignment, donation and the couple little things to keep for his memory box. I’m doing the same with my maternity clothes. So much more room in my closet! With these two boys, the last thing I want to do is hang on to stuff.



More than just a number

Why is it whenever I get writing, something comes and throws off my groove. This time, it was a rough prenatal appointment that messed with my head.

For any of you that follow me on twitter and instagram, you know that I am a proud supporter of the #bootyrevolution and body positivity movement. What does this mean? Well, for me, it means loving your body. Period. No matter what shape or size you may be, you celebrate your beauty and your strength. I also go a bit further than that, and try to amplify the voices of those who fight against fat phobia and help teach people that fat doesn’t always mean unhealthy.

I am a fat woman. I have struggled with my body for my entire life, no matter what weight I was I always felt that I was unloveable and unattractive. I have struggled with my eating for as long as I can remember and so this is a huge step for me, to love myself without “but…! or if only I were __X___ size/weight”. I know I am not the healthiest I could be. I know I should eat better and be more active. This doesn’t meant that I am worth less, or that I am lazy or disgusting.

At my last prenatal appointment, I was seen by a new doctor (he was in because my regular dr was on vacation). He decided to spent the entire appointment harping on my weight, purely based on the numbers on the scale (he had no knowledge of my diet, lifestyle or family history). He was baffled that based on all the tests, I was healthy. I am a fat pregnant woman who has a healthy blood pressure, no diabetes and no other health concerns related to my weight. He was mean and left me feeling hurt and upset.

It was the first time I ever faced this kind of reaction from a medical professional, which I know means that I have been very lucky. I have heard so many horror stories and have been very fortunate to have drs who have been amazing. Until now. I am a very sensitive person and I really took this badly. It took me a week or so to really get over.

So, I am here now to talk to you, my readers, about what it’s like to be a fat woman. People look at you and they make assumptions. They assume you are gross, disgusting, lazy,  that you live off of junk food. They assume you are unhealthy and many decide that they should “help” by pointing out ways that you could be better. It is revolutionary that a fat person would love themselves as they are, not as a “Before”. I want to ask you to keep your fitness and diet tips to yourself, unless they were requested. Don’t give back handed compliments. And please, check yourself for those preconceived notions about people who are fat.

Thanks <3

Jian, the CBC and silent victims

It has been a crazy month for Canadians. I have been horrified, scared, proud, and everything in between. This week, news broke that popular CBC personality Jian had been fired. I have read his initial press release, in which he states he was fired for his kinks. I have read the Star article stating that he has a history of skeeziness and that there are 4 separate woman that have shared their stories of violence -NOT KINK-, at the hands of Jian. A lot of articles and responses have been popping up since the story broke and I have been reading as many as I can. I do want to respond quickly, as I am noticing a disturbing trend popping up in some of these articles.

Many people have been asking why these women haven’t gone to the police and will not share their identities with the press. In a world where Gamer’s gate has forced women from their homes and internet lynch mobs routinely take it upon themselves to destroy lives for fun, I can’t blame them in the least. While it is important to remember that in this country everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, I am going to step up here and say that that is totally appropriate when it comes to actual law and legal proceedings however I will always choose to believe a victim of sexual abuse. Always.

I know that sounds crazy, and that isn’t a position that everyone will take. I know what it is like. I have been there. I know the fear of coming forward, and in my case, I know what it is like when people you love and respect tell you to shut your mouth and to stop making things awkward and difficult.

I have talked about my experiences before, and perhaps in a belated reaction to my terrible then-“friends” I keep talking about it (HA! TAKE THAT!).

Me, as a teen. Right around the time of the assault.

Me, as a teen.

I was a teenager. I was traveling with close friends and family in a public seemingly safe fashion (Via Rail). In the middle of the night, while asleep, one of my friends sexually assaulted me. I turned away, I cried silently. I was too afraid to say “Stop, don’t touch me”. I was too ashamed. He has since said that because I didn’t vocalize my refusal that he thought I was consenting. That because we had flirted online before, he thought I was into it and that it was “romantic” and “spontaneous”. It took me a long time to tell people about the encounter because this boy was popular, and was a close friend of a family member. When I finally told my loved ones, they initially seemed supportive, but quickly became dismissive. When I brought it up again, I was told that I was “holding on to the past”, “dwelling”, “being dramatic” and making things awkward for everyone. I was forced to be alone with my abuser on several occasions (I was visiting out of town friends, and was left alone with him).

I never went to the police. I regret it immensely, but I forgive myself. Women are constantly accused of being dramatic, of making mountains out of molehills, misunderstanding situations, or of being vindictive bitches, or regretful whores. I don’t care if these girls were into it until the moment flesh touched flesh. Expressing an interest in roughness, in flirting (in person or at a distance, by text or online), by meeting up or going to his hotel room or apartment does not mean they consented to these acts.

I can’t help but to think of Sam Pepper as well, and the charges that are being filed against him. In a world where celebrities post “Prank” videos and host debates about the existance of rape culture, is it any wonder that these women are afraid of going up against these men in power? I had a time with it when it was going up against a 17 year old jerk.