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Happy Birthday to me!

It has been an incredibly busy weekend chez Heather. This weekend I turned 28, and despite plans to take it easy, ended up having a three day birthday extravaganza!

Friday, my co-workers showered me with song, praise and gifts, which prepped me for the beginning of the weekend. That evening, Pat and I cleaned and got the “real world stuff” done before I could be swept up into the festivities.

Saturday, I woke up early so as to attend that last of Charles de Lint’s annual book and yard sales. We ended up snagging a soft guitar case and a whole wack of books. (A wack, btw, is more than several, but less than a ton). Had a great time wandering other near by sales too, and just barely managed to drag ourselves away in time for me to meet up with S at my place. She and I ran off to pick up ze travelling L at the train station. We then had an amazing day of shopping, eating (namely at my favourite pub, Patty’s), catching up and movie watching (Bridesmaids. Go see it. Right now). We got L back to her hotel, hung out for a bit and then went home.

Sunday I woke up to my lovely husband making me breakfast <3 <3 This was followed by a trip to the movie theater to see X-Men First Class (liked it a lot) and then back downtown to pick up L for dinner at Jean Albert’s (which was AMAZING). We then went on a hunt for wine, but ended up back at L’s hotel room empty handed until Isaac arrived with a bottle of red to save the day! We hung out for a while until it was late, and then the boys fled and me and L started our sleepover.

Today has been mainly errands and catching up on housework and my journal entries. Overall, one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I feel so blessed to have these amazing people in my life! <3  And now, because this has mainly been a “Woo, my birthday was awesome!” kind of post, here are my journal entries to spice things up:

Journal Prompt 7:  Write a love letter to someone special!  This letter can be to anyone.  Share your love with someone today and let them know that you care :

This was written to a dear family friend, Mila. She was our live-in Nanny from the time that I was about 3 months old until I was about 8. She is family to me, and one of the people that I hold most dear.

Journal Prompt 8:  Time Capsule!  If you were to make a time capsule today, that wouldn’t be opened for at least another 100 years, what would you put in it??  You can be as outlandish with this as you want because it’s pretend.  What are some things that make you, you!

Journal Prompt 9:  Completely fill your page with something random.  Leave your pen in your desk today and find beauty in the every day random things around you.  

This to be completed! I want to do this one at work!

Journal Prompt 10:  Illustrate your all time favorite song :)  

Journal Prompt 11:  What is your heart full of?  What are the things that are consuming your heart these days.  This could be things that are hurting your heart, breaking your heart, or making your heart so full of love.

Journal Prompt 12:  Completely fill your page with line design!  Line design and geometrics have complete consumed my inspiration boards for awhile now.  The simple, yet complex designs are so aesthetically pleasing for me.  Have fun trying out line design, patterns, and geometric shapes on your page today.

Journal Prompt 13:  Create a simple family tree.  Do this in a way that works best for you.  You can write names, doodle portraits, place actual photos, whatever!! It’s up to you :)  Use this prompt to document your family; as small or as large as it may be!!


Day 6 – A love letter

Another post for the 30 Day Journal Challenge.

Day 6 Prompt: Write a love letter to YOURSELF!  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  You are amazing, now tell yourself you are :)

This one was by far one of the hardest for me to write, which I guess is the point. It’s been a year of several of my nearest and dearest calling me some of the worst names I’ve ever known and telling me things about myself that are ugly and in some cases, completely false and so horrible it broke my heart in ways I didn’t know it could break. Luckily, I have some amazing friends and family that have helped me stay afloat, and thanks to them, I am able to write this.

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Day 5 – Summer Traditions

Another post for the 30 Day Journal Challenge.

Day 5 Prompt:  What are your summer traditions.  We all have different traditions for each and every season right?  What are some things that you do as a tradition each summer?  If you don’t have any traditions, maybe you can create some this summer!!

Summer has always been a special time for me. Growing up, it was when most of my family members had their birthdays (Dad’s was today, June 5th. Mine is the 12th. Tracy’s is in August). We spent almost every summer of my child hood at a camp site every weekend for “camping” (My mother’s version of camping, a fully stocked trailer with A/C and full bathroom and kitchen). It was time for friends and family, for hobbies and doing it all outside.

Since moving out, and my parents’ deaths, Summer has changed a bit. Now it’s when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. It’s time for BBQ’s, baby showers, weddings and catching up with friends and family. We don’t have the trailer anymore, so we normally try to make it out to a cottage. This year, Pat’s work wife is hosting us in July for her birthday celebrations out in the Sharbot Lake region. Also, we spend a ton of time with Pat’s other family, Jan and Cathy. They have a big beautiful pool in their yard, so we tend to get a lot of swimming in. The last few years, I’ve made a point to stop by one of the local fairs. Not sure if that’ll continue this year, but we’ll see!

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Day 3 and 4: June and Style

Ack! I’m already falling behind! I blame it on a very busy weekend. Before my honey and I crack open the bottle of wine, I should get these posted:

30 Day Journal Project:

Prompt 3: What are at least 5 things that you want to do in June?  It’s the beginning of the month, and of the summer season.  This list is for things that you either want to do in June or that you MUST do in June.  

Prompt 4: What I Wish I Wore…  I wish I had the money to be super cute and wear all of the clothes that I see in catalogs and online, but I don’t :)  Plus, it’s summer break so my wardrobe mostly consists of my swimsuit and my cover-up and flip-flops :)  So, today’s prompt is all about what you wish you would have worn!!  This prompt gives you the freedom to describe your perfect outfit for today.


Day 2 – Goals

Day 2 of the 30 Day Journal Project:

Create 3 to 5 simple, accomplishable goals for your 30 day journal challenge. What are some things that you hope to accomplish through this adventure?

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30 Day Journal

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve started participating in the 30 Day Journal Challenge. Today, this was our prompt:

Journal Prompt 1:  Create an introduction page.  This can be an introduction of yourself or of your journal.  This is kind of like the title page for your journal. 

Enjoy! <3