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Nature Table

Something that I really love about the Waldorf school of thought is that of bringing nature indoors and celebrating the season. I kept seeing these beautifully simple Nature Tables on pinterest and knew that I wanted one for our home. The idea is pretty straight forward: Keep those treasures that your little one picks up. Create a little space to honour the season and nature. It reminded me of my wiccan altar of my early teenage years. I was (and am) charmed!

Our little nature table, in our basement family room
Our little nature table, in our basement family room

Luck was with me as I found a neighbour of mine was getting rid of a handmade wooden table that was the perfect height and size. I snagged it off the curb and brought it home right away. For this season, Liam has picked up an acorn, two pine cones and a few pebbles. I keep these in a small wooden bowl that had been my mother’s. I also added some leaves that we made together – Liam finger painted with seasonal colours, I then found some pictures of local trees and their leaves and went to work cutting them out. On the wall, I added another one of our collaborations. I had drawn a bare tree in marker, and then Liam finger painted the foliage. I love it!

Autumn Tree
Autumn Tree
Local leaves
Local leaves

Liam loves being able to bring these small things home and I really enjoy talking to him about them.

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UFYH – Basement Update

It’s been a busy and difficult couple of weeks. Liam seems to have developed a mystery rash which has been diagnosed as anything from hives, to chicken pox to some random viral reaction. I had a hard time with Melissa’s disappearance, death and her husband being charged with the crime. To deal, I’ve been trying to refocus on getting our house done and ready for market.

Here’s the basement update. Done since my last post:

  • Major dent in laundry
  • Installed bookshelves and moved DVD collection there
  • Put together coffee table
  • Put in area rug
  • Hung painting
  • Printed and Framed artwork for laundry room

Left to do:

  • Finish laundry
  • Clean laundry room top to bottom
  • Hang Laundry Room Art
  • Store remaining clutter
  • Post items on freecycle
  • Clear desks for showing