Daily Life

Spring Cleaning

Hard at work today! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. For us, it’s the beginning of spring cleaning.

We tore up the nasty carpet in the basement, and the mismatched underlay. The amount of dust and ancient cat piss was incredible. I tidied up the yard, Pat moved the saw on to the deck, we rearranged our stored boxes and managed to fit in a walk. Unfortunately, the painters messed up our washer and dryer, so we spent about an hour re-leveling things, only to discover they wrecked the venting for the dryer. So, tomorrow will involve getting up early, going to Ye Olde Home Depot and the grocery store, all before Easter Dinner at the in-laws.

Garbage! So glad to have it gone

Looking forward to the easter dinners, to be honest. I absolutely love my in-laws and my family (most of the time), so these big dinner get togethers are always great. Tomorrow is the in-laws, Sunday is my family dinner and Monday is the “super fantabular mystic cookoff”, held by one of Pat’s groomsmen and his lovely wife. We’re super lucky that the weather is freakin’ gorgeous this weekend. It’s 28 degrees Celsius out there right now (that’s 82 for my US readers), and tomorrow it’s supposed to be about the same. Yay for spring!

Last night I decided to check up on the bellydance world for the first time in a while. For those that don’t know, I used to dance pretty regularly. I started taking lessons in 2002, and quit about a year ago. I’ve taken Egyptian, Romani, Turkish, Folkloric and Tribal classes. Tribal and Romani are huge favourites of mine, so I popped on youtube to see what TribeFest was like this year. Man, did it ever make me miss dance. Unfortunately, I am far too broke and too busy to get back into it right now. Ah well, one day.

Ah, that’s me from a performance a few years back. It’s amazing how much more active I was back then. Do I ever miss it.

On that note, I have to go wash up. I feel very gross from all the dust and such. Have a good one all :)