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A brief catchup

Sorry for the delay folks. It’s been a busy week! Today I’m off on a bit of an adventure and will be back on Monday. So, in the mean time, lets get you caught up!

Firstly, I don’t have any amazing pictures of How To Make Taiwanese Dumplings, because I ended up being hours late to the Dumpling Making Fest. I was very sad, but what can you do? Sometimes life just wants you to eat, not make.  So, here’s what we enjoyed:

Doesn’t that look amazing? Trust me, it was.  Luckily, Alice taught two of our friends, so I should be able to get them to show me some time. Yum! And isn’t it better to eat than cook sometimes? I think this is one of those times.

I’ve started knitting again lately, which is great. Hopefully, it’s a step in the right direction and I’ll find myself motivated to pick up the hook. I’m not sure what it is that has me completely uninterested right now, but I hope it goes away so that I can learn to crochet! I’ve been working on this cardigan for the last three years:

Mrs. Darcy

All I have left to do are the sleeves, so I finally picked it up and started to work. I was in the middle of the sleeve cap decreases when I realized that my pattern abruptly stopped. You see, I’ve been working off of the same pattern this whole time. All I have left is one badly damaged piece of paper, and it became quickly apparent that I was missing a whole page.

Ugh! So, I went hunting…and it turns out the designer has taken down the pattern as it’s about to be published in a book. I asked around and no one had it or they weren’t up to sharing. I was unimpressed. Luckily, there was a whole thread dedicated to this issue on Ravelry and I learned of a great webpage:  Basically, this page captures websites over the years on their Way Back Machine. I found an old captured copy of the pattern on there, and was able to print it off. WOO! My cardi is saved! So, I finished the one sleeve and hope to get through most of the next this weekend.

Meanwhile, I made an excellent discovery going through some clothes that I took from Mum’s collection after the passed. I thought it was an apron, but it turns out it’s a cute wrap dress!

Pretty! Perfect for hot summer days
Ugh. Excuse my expression here.
Perfect length and it has POCKETS!
It wraps at the back

Go Mum! I never ever saw her wear this, and it was tucked away in a pile to go to charity when I saved it for myself. Can’t wait for the next hot day to wear it out!

Well, on that note, I have some stuff to do around the house before my weekend gets underway. Have a good one! I’ll be celebrating Lammas on Sunday, so I’ll be sure to share my rit with you then :)