I’m a hooker

I’m not entirely sure when this happened. I have been a knitter for so long now. I was so sure I just couldn’t wrap my head around crochet.

Is that just one needle? No, it is a hook!
Is that Crochet?!

It started so innocently. My girlfriends all started to learn and they were making these adorable infinity scarves. I got my hands on an adorable dino cowl hood thing pattern for Liam, and some perfect yarn fell into place.

My first project is a bit…messy. I don’t love it. Neither does Liam (or Maddie)

Liam’s Drako

Once I finished Drako, I thought I would start back on the knitting projects I have sitting in my WIP (work in progress) pile (namely, Liam’s Gramps which is supposed to be his birthday gift from me). Instead, I heard the siren call of the hook and kept going. I had to have an infinity scarf of my own.

My Chunky Infinity Scarf

My pretty pretty scarf
My pretty pretty scarf

It was a super straight forward pattern with a super straight forward yarn (Cascade Mountain Top in Blackthorn, for those interested. More deets are on my Rav project page, listed above the picture). It was a super quick and satisfying project.

Once I finished that, I should have gone back to my needles, however I knew I couldn’t JUST wear a scarf. It was so cold in Ottawa this week. This mama needed a hat. I have never had the time to knit one for myself and I have been eyeing tams, berets and slouches for years. One of my girl friends just happened to pick up a slouch pattern that she was willing to send my way. I just happened to have two skeins of the most perfect yarn for it (Spud & Chloe Outer). Off I went.

My Feyona

A toasty noggin for me!
A toasty noggin for me!

I finished last night, according to the pattern. I wasn’t sure about it, so I brought it to my girls and they voted to add more length to increase the slouch. I agreed and crocheted until I ran out of yarn. Literally. I had to use some yarn left over from the scarf to finish this thing. It’s hidden, so you can’t tell, but it’s as much slouch as I could get without buying another skein (not worth the extra 17$ it would cost, not including shipping).

So, there you have it. My path to becoming a hooker. I love it. I don’t know how that happened, but there it is. It’s so great to have a product at the end of it. While knitting will always be my number 1, it’s nice to have something to come to when I just want to be quick and dirty. Now, I really need to get going on that sweater (at least until the Raveldacted Renegade Games begin, I have a great project in mind for that).