Ring Warming and Strange Dreams

Hope everyone had a lovely full moon :)

After a day of running around and accomplishing little, my sister and I finally got to work on my ceremony right as the moon rose. I gathered all of my supplies and set up my makeshift altar.

First, after casting the circle, we cleansed the rings with each element and asked each element to bless the rings. Then I had a bit of a conversation with the Divine, asking for the same thing. After that, I consecrated the rings to their purpose and protected them from accepting any negativity, ill will, etc… I blessed and annointed them with specific oils and then placed them in their protective black cloth.

I think it went really well :) I feel very good about it.

As it was the full moon, I ended up having very strange dreams last night. My family and I (not 100% sure on who was actually in this “family”, but basically my favourite and most loved people) had come to live in this beautiful old house with a gorgeous wrap around veranda, high ceilings, amazing details everywhere. There was a lake, and gorgeous gardens. It seemed perfect…except for the fact that the house was under the protection of this giant elephant, Mo Mo. And when I say giant, I mean GIANT. Size of the parliament buildings, giant. Mo Mo looked adorable, like one of these cute elephant toys:

Mo Mo the Destroyer

Mo Mo controlled who came in and who went out. God forbid we had a guest that we hadn’t told Mo Mo about prior to their arrival. He would try to destroy the house, our guest, you name it. He’d go on these rage filled rampages. Mo Mo was a tyrant and he could old be won over by a sacrifice. For whatever reason, the sacrifice of choice was clothing. Specifically beautiful dresses.

So, one day my friend came over as a surprise, and Mo Mo went nuts. We tried hiding and running, but eventually, it came down to him demanding a sacrifice. He wanted this dress that was beautiful, blue and perfect. I wanted to wear it to my bachelorette or shower, I can’t remember. Instead, I offered him this old nightgown of my mother’s. He laughed, saying that I gave him something that, while old, was far more valuable to me than the pretty dress.

Strangely, the nightgown I gave Mo Mo is one I gave a friend years ago because it didn’t fit me anymore (My mother was a much smaller woman than I).

Strange, right? A reading to be had later, for sure. Unfortunately, right now I’m high on decongestants and ready for a nap.  I have a ton of cleaning to do but can’t until my head clears. Fun times!