Christmas tidings

I hope you had a wonderful day, celebrating whatever you celebrate. We have been super busy, and super spoiled. So much love in our lives <3

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Merry Yule!

We had a lovely day yesterday. Pat is off work for two weeks, so the pace has slowed significantly around here. We’re hanging out in pjs, eating comfort foods and not worrying too much about the mess.

After a day of rest, coffee and presents (oh, and bubbles. So many bubbles), the darkness started to fill the house and I prepared Liam’s paintings for a transformation into our Yule lanterns. I got the idea from this great post.

We then took some time to talk about winter, about solstice, about darkness and the return of the light and what the lanterns represented.

Today, we are being covered in more snow and freezing rain, so we are hunkering down and making a list of last minute things we need to pick up before Christmas. I have some baking plans that should be interesting! Let’s see if my in laws enjoy these creations :D

I hope Yule was as beautiful for you as it was for us and may we all enjoy the slow return of longer days and sunlight.



Crafting on the Mind

Sorry for the silence again. I had a hard time trying to find my words after my last post. Thank you to everyone you sent me their support and comments. I appreciate it <3thanks

As usual, we’ve been puttering along here. Life continues to be busy and I continue to add little projects to the mix.

With the seasons changing, the weather getting cool and christmas music playing on the radio at work (Ah, the joys of working in retail during the holiday season), I’ve been thinking about getting my decorations out. The christmas season is a hard one for me because it was SUCH a big deal for my parents and my Dad’s kids. I’ve been trying to reclaim the season by starting our own traditions and by encouraging some cheer. I’ve never done the Christmas With a Toddler thing before, so I’m a little concerned about Liam attempting to climb the damn tree or smashing ornaments. As a result, I’ve been thinking about using mostly hand crafted decorations. Depending on whether I can find the time, I’d like to try to make the following (patterns, pin, etc… are available on my facebook page for those who want to make them too!):

The other big crafty thing on my mind lately as been waldorf crafts, specifically Waldorf Dolls. Don’t know what I mean? Well, one of the most popular waldorf doll out there, at least in the Mommy circles I travel in, are these beautiful creations by Bamboletta.bambolettaAren’t they lovely? I would love to have one for Liam, however I find the price just too steep for us. (They range from 130-270, depending on the type of doll). Plus, I’d love to learn how to make such beautiful little things. I think it would make the doll that much more special for our family, you know? Hopefully a local waldorf school will be doing a course soon. I’m already scoping out suppliers for fabrics and hair :D

The other waldorf critters that I want to make are these kind of peg dolls:gnomeAnd needle felted creatures:

feltfaerieAren’t they lovely? I so desperately want to learn! Wish me luck :) I always get so excited when a new craft crosses my path. Can’t wait to give it a try.

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Holiday Whirlwind

As I approach the holidays, I find time almost seems to speed up, picking everything and everyone up as it goes, getting more and more intense and busy as we near the centre.

Firstly, Happy Yule to everyone!

Seasons: Winter - Silence of Wings by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

We’re not doing anything specific to celebrate, though I did throw the fixin’s in for a beef stew for tonight, so I think that’s a great feast dinner. We also have some left over holiday baking, so we’ll have some tasty mint brownies for afterwards.

Today is my last day of work before the holidays. The college is closed until the 2nd, so I’m looking forward to a week of sleeping in, decluttering, preparing for baby and getting things done that are often forgotten (for instance, changing my name in all of my official documents!)

This weekend is going to be busy for sure. Tomorrow I’m baking for gifts and parties. Saturday we’re celebrating Christmas with some family, Sunday we’re celebrating Christmas with my girlfriend S and her family, and then on the 27th we’re getting together with my in-laws for a casual holiday celebration.

Pat and I aren’t doing much in way of gifts this year, as we just can’t afford it. I have a secret planned for him, and he got me some things that I’ve been eyeing for ever:

Urban Decay's Naked Palette
Clinique Black Honey lip gloss

So excited! :D I don’t talk about it much, but I love make up. Love it. Especially eyeshadow. I have a really hard time justifying the cost of good quality makeup, so its not often that I go out and buy something for myself. I will make due on most things. I’ve wanted the Naked Palette for as long as I’ve known about it. Black Honey was brought into my world by the amazing Pixie, and I was finally able to have one for myself! :D

We also splurged and got him some pampering at a barber shop (he always shaves his head, and while it’s not very fancy, he loved the attention to detail that this barber gave him) and got my eyebrows waxed by one of the specialists at Visage.  It was awesome! Again, such a little thing, but I always feel so much better about myself when I have that sort of thing done by a professional.

Aside from shopping, I also recently had an appointment with my midwife and I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! Seriously, we’re already talking about what to do when we get to the hospital, what to pack, circumcision and what tests and scans I have left before baby. In fact, I only have one more appointment at our monthly intervals before switching to every two weeks! Eeep! And we start prenatal classes on the 3rd! It’s super baby time all the time now!

Meanwhile, because, you know, life isn’t busy enough, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of learning to quilt. I’m thinking I might try to take a class after Liam is born to get me out of the house every so often. I’ve been sewing for most of my life and I LOVE quilts, so it’s a natural progression for me. I have to scope out some of the class options in town.

Anyway, whatever you celebrate, may it be awesome and full of love and laughter!


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The Darkness before the Dawn

It’s been a strange weekend. Last week, on Tuesday, I met with the estate lawyer to discuss the final things that need to be done before we can finally move on from this. One of the massive pieces left is the final accounts for the estate. This task has been given to me, as I’ve been the keeper of the accounts all along. I had spent many hours putting something together and was feeling pretty confident in it when I arrived at the lawyer’s office after work that evening. I had no idea how far off I was. It’s sort of like thinking you will nail an exam and are totally when you walk into the room, and then once you see the exam, you see how screwed you really are.

What I had put together was sort of like an essay outline. It didn’t have nearly the amount of detail that was required of me. So, I was broken down and provided with lots of good tips on how to make it what it needs to be. I took that home and sort of poked at it a few times during the week. On Thursday, the Lawyer called and informed me that we needed this task mostly done for this coming week. Nothing like a deadline to get me going.

So, like tackling an essay for my very tough University program, I started with a plan. First, I would clean and reorganize the office (Always need a tidy place to work, otherwise I can’t focus.), then, I would go through everything I had from the estate. And I mean EVERYTHING. Photos, boxes of random crap, all the way up to the filing cabinet in my office. Why? Just to be sure I wasn’t missing anything. Then, once everything was tidy and organized, I would start. Good plan, right?

Me, in my final year of University, watching a lecture and working on essays. Super organized...right? Right.

Well, last week was rough. The lawyer’s appointment forced me to look at the whole estate business again. I had to go back and look at things that occurred the day Mum died, and onward. Then I got together with one of my oldest friends, Tyler. Tyler and I have known of each other since Grade 2 (we were in class together), but we weren’t actually in the same social group until Grade 9 (when I first crushed on him. He took me to the Grade 9 formal, as a favour to a friend), which brings up all sorts of nostalgia and thinking about our old group of friends and where we all ended up.

Tyler and I, a few years ago

Work continued to be difficult, and I was suddenly hit by major holiday blues. By the time Friday rolled around, I was emotionally spent. So, I took the day to clean our main floor and relax a bit. By Saturday, it was time to tackle the office, and get to work on the hard stuff. By the time I was done with the initial draft, I stared exhausted at the time – 1:30am.

Today I emailed the draft to the lawyer, with a ton of notes and a massive list of homework for myself left to do. I have to call a couple banks, wait for a response from an Investment group and hope that in the mean time, more drama doesn’t explode. I still have to figure out how to buy a week’s worth of groceries in between paycheques (after bills, meaning limited to non-existant funds), and get some baking done for a charity bake sale my husband is participating in.  I don’t feel like I’ve had a weekend at all. I’m so…spent. I just have to keep focusing on the positives:

  • The estate is almost done. The harder I work now, the sooner and the better the end will be
  • Once the estate is done, that drama is out of my life for good
  • In January we can wipe out the majority of our debt and start renovating our home

We will get there. I just need to fight through this last final stretch. The hardest stretch. The most thankless. I can do it.