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December, the ninja

Ah, the snow is falling outside and I have a pile of holiday cards beside me, waiting to be addressed and stamped. Tis the season, for sure.

I feel like it has caught me by surprise this year. I guess with everything that’s happened, and especially with the honeymoon, I was so distracted that I didn’t even notice December creep up.

First, I’ll back track a bit and elaborate on Jamaica before moving on to other things. I would definitely recommend not only Jamaica but our resort to anyone looking into taking a relaxing trip to someplace warm where the food is good and the people are lovely. We stayed at Couples Swept Away and definitely felt that it had the right vibe for us. We are not big party-ers, and didn’t want to go someplace that was entirely focused on getting drunk and dancing 24/7. CSA had an adult vibe that focused on letting its guests relax and rest. There was plenty to do, but no one was shoving it down our throats. We spent nearly every day, all day, on the beach. We read, we talked, we swam and we tanned.

The food was amazing. My favourite restaurent on the resort was Patois. It served a blend of local fare and more european dishes. Even the little grill made amazing food, including jerk chicken, patties and snapper sandwiches. Yum! My favourite dish of the whole trip was one of the appetizers. It was a smoked marlin au gratin dip with hand cut chips.

The Smoked Marlin <3

Pat and I had some amazing chats, including one I’ve been wanting to have for a while – Our future family plans. While I don’t want to get into it too much here, we are both on the same page and am hopeful that if things go well for us at work, that we should be able to start thinking more seriously about it soon. So, with that as a bit of a warning, I am doing lots of reading now, so don’t be surprised if I start talking more about baby/birth/family stuff.

Anyway, back to the trip. One of my favourite activities we did participate in was a snorkeling trip to one of the near by reefs. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an underwater camera, so I can’t share anything from our adventure, however I can tell you a bit about what we saw. The coral itself was beautiful a little bit scary. I’ve never been so up close and personal before. I’ve heard stories of people cutting themselves on reefs before so I was really careful. We saw a couple of sting rays. Just little bitty ones. We saw an unpuffed puffer fish, a bunch of beautiful angel fish and the like, as well as some trumpet fish.

Trumpet Fish
Puffer Fish
Sting Ray

For those of you who have never been snorkeling, I highly recommend it. It takes a bit of an adjustment at first to get used to staying near the top of the water so that you can breath, breathing under water and seeing the whole underwater world around you. I love it.

So, to wrap that up, the trip was amazing and our relationship is even better than it was before we left. Yay!  In terms of witchiness, I did have a couple of interesting occurances.

1. Nightmares. I don’t normally have nightmares. They are really rare for me. I dream vividly, but not often am I frightened by my dreams.

2. Had a definite conversation with the ocean. She wanted a sacrifice because I hadn’t introduced myself properly when we met (namely, my rings). I refused the rings, so I lost a pair of sunglasses. It felt like it wasn’t enough so we had a chat, and within seconds of this chat, I somehow stepped on a shell or something, drawing blood. It must have been a small shell because it only cut enough to bleed briefly and then shut. This happened once more the following day. At this point I had the sense that we were ok now. Just to be safe, Pat and I kept our rings in our safe from then on.

3. On our way home to the airport I saw something that I can’t explain. It may have just been a strange play of light or something, but I swear I saw a little person in a field. And by that I really mean a full proportionate person who was maybe only a foot and a half tall and completely black. Like, an absence of light and colour. Strangest thing ever. This was immediately followed by a sense of vertigo and my mind deciding it didn’t happen.

Good times!

On a completely different note, while we were gone, our videographer posted our wedding video. Care to see? It’s here.  I’m so happy with the results. She’s amazing.

So on to life now, we’ve settled back in. The snow and the cold aren’t quite as shocking anymore and we’re gearing up for Yule and Christmas. My sister arrives from Calgary soon and will be staying with us for the first time. I’m really excited. Christmas is going to be hard this year, having so recently lost my Mum. It’s the first year since we moved to Ottawa in 1988 (with the exception of one year in Disney) that we won’t be having Christmas in my mother’s house.

Meanwhile, to complicate things, I managed to have a job fall into my lap. I couldn’t say no to the opportunity, and so I start on Monday. The pay isn’t great, and the situation is strange, but it’s work. It’s admin work at a local college, working with employment services (har har, Universe. Good one). The weird bit is that it’s full time until May and then goes part time until November. Not exactly ideal, but it’s still something for now. Hopefully I like the work.

And on that note, I’m off to drink some tea and listen to Laura Marling. <3 Cheers!

Daily Life

I live!

Sorry for disappearing folks! I promise it was for a good cause…we were on our honeymoon! :)

We spent 10 days at the Couples Swept Away resort in Negril, Jamaica. We had a fantastic time. Every good thing we heard about Jamaica was true, and we have plans to go back in a year or two. The people are wonderful, the country is gorgeous, the beach was the best I’ve ever seen, and the food was some of the best I’ve ever had.

We’re happy to be back home, despite leaving our little love nest of warmth, sand and clear blue waters. I have plans to post about what’s been going on soon, and maybe even a run down of my personal notes taken on the trip. We shall see.  Overall, I will be posting more. I just need to settle back into my home a bit and then I’ll be back :)

Daily Life

My baggage

It’s been a productive weekend for me and the husband. We did some running around yesterday, after my last day at my job and managed to pick up most of what we still needed for our honeymoon. One more trip and we should be good to go. Today I started the massive task of laundry and CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. I also started packing.

Packing and I go way back. I’ve packed for moves, for road trips, for concert trips, for family visits and contest wins. You’d think with such an extended background in packing that I’d be good at it. You, my dear optimistic reader, would be so very wrong.

That looks like a pretty well packed piece of luggage, doesn’t it? Well, the key issue here is that this is after I’ve done only half of the laundry (which means I’m sure there’s more to come) and prior to any of my beauty/cleaning products and undergarments.

Also, WestJet has a strict 50lbs rule on departure. It gets mighty expensive if you’re over. I have a feeling I may already be in that range.  So, now begins the debate…do I admit defeat and split my stuff into two bags? (You’re allowed 2 checked bags per person, at 50lbs each) or do I try to go through my stuff again and take it out?

My problem is that I over pack. Every single time. I like to be prepared for whatever we may face, and I hate the idea of having to choose between only a couple of outfits for 10 days. I mean, what if I got a shirt dirty in the morning and had to change, but I only allocated so many shirts for the visit? Things happen. I may spontaneously decide that we are going to go out dancing. I may not. Do I limit myself by not bringing something for dancing? Ugh.

I’m also facing the dreaded body image issues. I’ve gained a lot of weight over the last year and haven’t completely come to terms with the body that I’m in now. I really actively try not to let it get me down, but it’s hard knowing I’m going to be in a bathingsuit in front of strangers for two weeks. Ugh.

I do have to say though… if this is my biggest stress right now, then life is good. :)

Edit: I’d like the add…the most difficult part of packing? Making sure my phone is up to date on all my music. We both have old Sony Ericsson Walkman cellphones. While they can’t even begin to compare to the smart phones of today, they are pretty good for acting as a stand-in mp3 player.

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Questions and Agenda

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Honestly, I haven’t much to say that hasn’t already been said. I’ve been slowly working away on Mrs. Darcy and am just under halfway done the last sleeve and I only have one ball of yarn left. EEP! This is yarn that I purchased years ago from Elann, so I’m SOL if I run out.

Isn’t it pretty? Well, I guess it’s pretty plain looking, but to touch it makes all the difference. It’s a wool and alpaca blend that is this beautiful tweedy plum colour.  For those with the Rav, here’s the stash page for it. So close to being done! I think when I finish all the pieces, I’m going to need to drop by the local Knit Night and ask for some help with seaming. It’s something I’ve never been good at, and I want this sweater to be perfect! Meanwhile, speaking of sweaters…

Tis nearly that time of year….my favourite of all: Samhain! In honour of this, and considering how important it is to me this year, I’ve decided to join  The Domestic Witch’s  Halloween Blog Party! You can read more about it  here!

I plan on starting to post on Samhain related things started October 1st.  I haven’t fully decided on the nature of the posts yet, but I’m excited about the project.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on pregnancy and babies lately (no little bean yet, I promise. It’s more just prep-work. We’re hoping for next year some time, but not before at least one of us have a full time job with benefits that isn’t a contract). Are there any that you’d recommend? My favourites so far are Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Also, have any of you ever been to Jamaica before? We’ve booked our honeymoon and I’d love to hear about things that you enjoyed while you were there. We’re going to Negril, if that helps.

On that note, I have to get back to work. I’m taking at least a week off in the near future, so expect some posts about cleaning, purging and things of the sort.