Liam: 4 Years Old


Oh man, have I ever been meaning to get this up sooner. I’m a whole month late. Geez. Can you believe my oldest is already 4 years old? Well, I’m sure you can. It’s not exactly magic. I’m in shock though. I swear he was a baby yesterday. Today he made himself a snack, got himself dressed and peed all over the bathroom floor.

It’s been a crazy year. Going from 3 to 4 is really a HUGE change. Kids go from babies to kids, just like that. He talks so much now, and has so many opinions. He sees and hears so much. He takes everything in. He’s so excited to start school in the fall and even started preschool this year in preparation. He looooooves dufferdoo. He’s also doing karate once a week, which is the best. We hang out with his friends as much as we can (as much as our schedule and my anxiety allows). His best friend is Isla, who happens to also be one of his oldest friends. He ADORES his cousins Cassidy, Elliot and Wesley. Watching him with his brother is my greatest joy. He is so protective of Mason. He loves him to pieces, even when it’s hard.

Now, for some stats and an interview:

Around 43.25″ tall (about 3.6 feet), 43lbs

Nicknames: Monkey, kiddo, turd, turdmonkey, buddy, baby, big guy.

Diapers: He uses the potty during the day and wears good nights at night.

Noms: This kid is fussy. This has not changed. We’ve been able to add a few food items to his diet, but not much. Seriously. The only things he will eat are: Peanut butter, cucumber, carrots, cantaloupe, milk chocolate, olives, chicken nuggets, french fries, cold uncooked hot dogs, pepperoni, pizza (sometimes), kraft dinner, bologna, satines, waffles, gold fish, ice cream, apples, bananas, frozen blueberries and strawberry yogurt.

It was pretty awesome reading last year’s post. It’s funny that every year I’m like “Oh god, this is the hardest age”. I will say they all have their awful bits and awesome bits. I love how independent he is now. He’s such a PERSON. He has his own likes, dislikes, reactions, emotions, etc… The hardest part is the sass that comes at 4. Oh man, it was like a switch. Suddenly he’s all backtalk, sass, and potty humour.

  1. How old are you? 4
  2. What is your favourite colour? Red
  3. What is your favourite animal? Dinosaur
  4. What is your favourite book? The Animals Alphabet
  5. What is your favourite show? Sarah and Duck (Mummy would also add Paw Patrol, Teen Titans Go, and Curious George)
  6. What is your favourite movie? Big Hero 6 (aka Hiro Hamada)
  7. What is your favourite song? I don’t know
  8. What is your favourite food? Bananas
  9. What is your favourite snack? cheese
  10. What is your favourite outfit? Shorts and soccor ball shirts
  11. What is your favourite game? (goes to get Rayman Video game), Tag and What time is it Mr. Wolf
  12. What is your favourite toy? Buzz Lightyear
  13. Who is your best friend?  Isla
  14. What is your favourite thing to do? Play with everyone
  15. What is your favourite thing to do outside? Play at the park
  16. What is your favourite holiday? Tuesday and Halloween
  17. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Daddy

Happy Birthday, baby. I love you so much.

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I can’t believe it. My squishy, chubby sassy baby is 3 years old. How did this happen?

Here’s a look back at two and one.

Around 39″ tall (about 3.25 feet), 38lbs

Nicknames: Monkey, kiddo, turd, turdmonkey, buddy, Mimi (Wesley, Liam’s cousin, calls him that)

Diapers: In pull ups and cruisers in 6, but is starting to get the hang of the potty.

Noms: This kid is fussy. Seriously. The only things he will eat are: Peanut butter, milk chocolate, olives, chicken nuggets, french fries, cold uncooked hot dogs, waffles, gold fish, ice cream, apples, bananas, frozen blueberries and strawberry yogurt.

Big Changes: Talking our ear off, having serious opinions and asking questions, starting to potty train, missing people when we aren’t with them, telling us he loves us.

An interview:

  1. How old are you? Surprise!
  2. What is your favourite colour? Blue
  3. What is your favourite animal? Green (when asked again, he said giraffe)
  4. What is your favourite book? I don’t know! Green!
  5. What is your favourite show? Jump jump jump?
  6. What is your favourite movie? Hot Wheels
  7. What is your favourite song? Alphabet Song
  8. What is your favourite food? Peanut butter
  9. What is your favourite snack? FISHIES
  10. What is your favourite outfit? Dress
  11. What is your favourite game? Ball
  12. What is your favourite toy? swords
  13. Who is your best friend?  Gus and Byron
  14. What is your favourite thing to do? Play
  15. What is your favourite thing to do outside? Play on the slide
  16. What is your favourite holiday? Halloween
  17. What do you want to be when you grow up? Taller

Man, this kid. I will tell you, Three is tough so far. Or rather, the end of twos is tough. Suddenly, he is a handful. Two handfuls.  Spirited doesn’t cover it. He Goes and goes and goes and doesn’t stop to listen. He is kind and sweet and hilarious. He is emotional, like me, and stubborn. He tells me every day that he loves me and he wishes me sweet dreams at night. I am so excited to watch him continue to grow, to continue to become who he is.



Happy birthday, monkey. We love you so much. Thank you for helping me become who I am today <3


I can’t believe it’s already time for me to write this post. Two years ago, at 5:04am, my whole world was born.


liamwks1and2 049


He was stubborn. He didn’t want to leave his comfy home. It was 31 hours of labour, 17 of which was intense active back labour, and 5 hours of pushing. Finally, my big boy was born via escape hatch at 9lbs1oz.



Two years. How is this possible?


32.5lbs, 38.2″ tall.

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Cruisers 6
  • Clothing Size: 3T, squeezing into some of the bigger 2T stuff
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Little Man, Stinker, Turd.
  • Teeth: All of them, though the molars are still coming through (they keep poking out, and then receding, the jerks)
  • Had a long hard winter, including several bad colds, and a few trips to CHEO
  • Loves to dance, jump, run and spin
  • Is finally starting to talk. He doesn’t use sentences very often, but that’s ok.
  • Still loves antagonizing the animals.
  • We hang out with his best buds Gus and Wesley about once a week.
  • Very picky about his food! Chicken nuggets, bananas and french fries are his favourites
  • Is still nursing frequently
  • Loves making art. Painting is his favourite, though he loves using window markers on the patio doors too
  • Can’t get enough fresh air. Stomping in puddles is the best.
  • Is a young chef in training – Loves to help me cook.
  • Is finally starting to sleep better.
  • Loves giving kisses and hugs.
  • Loves watching kids movies, so long as they are animated and have talking animals.
  • Bubbles make him happier than anything else in the world
  • Terrible Twos in full force.

I can’t believe how grown up Liam seems these days. He has such a wonderful personality. He feels so strongly and loves spending time with us and his friends. He is such a little dude now! It’s a joy to see him interact with his friends and have them run off and play independently (He and Gus playing “nap time” is truly the cutest thing ever). He is incredibly polite and will often sign please and say thank you without prompting. He finally called Pat “Daddy” and me “Ma” (until recently, we were both Ma). He loves drumming and making music. He sings, he speaks to the animals, and he loves it when we have a busy day ahead. He’s down to one nap in the afternoon (usually b/w 11-1).

I have never been more in love, or felt more pride than I do for my monkey. I am thankful that I am able to stay home with him during the day and be a part of his growth and learning. Love you, little man. You are our everything.

One and A Half

I’m very behind on this post. In fact, I completely forgot about it until I came across my one year post the other day and remembered that I used to do these. Oops! No time like the present, right?

Stats for One and a Half Year/18 Months

27.5lbs, 33.35″ tall.

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 5, CD Large/Extra Large. Most of our CDs don’t fit well anymore. It makes me sad :(
  • Clothing Size: 2T for the most part. Starting to fit in some 3T.
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Little Man, Stinker, Turd.
  • Teeth: All of them, with the exception of his 2 year molars. Two of his incisors are only halfway through though (top)
  • Became huge fans of the experimental farm
  • Loves to dance, jump, run and spin
  • Doesn’t have too many words. Mostly copy-cats. Loves to say “nooooo”, “Bye” and “Uh-Oh”
  • Still loves antagonizing the animals.
  • We hang out with his pals Gus, Isla and Wesley as much as we can
  • Very picky about his food! Only loves things out of a box with as little colour as possible.
  • Went as Chewbaca for Halloween
  • Loves making art. Painting and playing with markers are his favourite
  • Being outside is his favourite thing.
  • Discovered he may have a fish allergy – Fish and Chips resulted in Exorcist style puking. All. Over. Me.
  • Loves to Help. Putting away dishes, doing laundry and carrying boxes, and sweeping are his favourite chores.
  • Hates sleep. We are lucky to get 3 hours at a time
  • Sleeping in his own room, in a big boy bed!
  • Loves giving kisses and hugs.
  • Can sign “Thank you”, “please”, “More”.
  • Obsessed with Elmo and Barney
  • Bubbles make him happier than anything else in the world
  • Had his first concussion. Sigh.
  • Tantrums ahoy! Thus begins the wrongly named “Terrible Twos”.
  • Momma discovers Waldorf style parenting
  • First bad stomach flu (for the whole family)

I have to say, having a toddler is the most amazing and horrible experience in the world. They are such little individuals, so full of love and emotion. I desperately wish he could communicate with me more clearly. The tantrums and sleep avoidance is hard. Very very hard. I have a hard time keeping my cool when our strong little boy is punching me in the face. I’m doing my best to stay calm, but it’s tough. Time-outs have begun, with mixed results. I love seeing his personality develop, and watching him have real and true interests and interactions with the world around him. Stranger Danger is pretty much gone, though he definitely turns into a shy boy for a few minutes before he gets comfortable with his surroundings.

Fall Back

Oh, Daylight Savings Time. So many people are so well rested, thanks to you. Parents, not so much. Luckily, our little dude didn’t get me up too early (6:30 new time, which is totally tolerable for me. Thanks little man). He’s already up there napping, so I’m taking advantage of the quiet by sharing a few things while I have the chance.

Firstly, here is our Halloween costumes that I mentioned the other day:


Definitely not my best picture, but we are so awesome that it doesn’t even matter

We went as Mama and Baby Wookies. It was a blast. Liam absolutely loved being able to run with abandon through stores and hallways of the mall. I loved seeing all of the adorable halloween babies. Definitely my favourite day of the year.

We didn’t do much after hanging out at the mall, sadly. Little man was completely exhausted after having such a great time that he passed out from 4-7, and then again at 9 for the night. I ordered in Chinese food and set a plate out for the dead passing through. Before bed, I put out a small bowl of honey and milk and called it a night.

The other thing I wanted to share should probably fall into its own post, but I’m feeling lazy (thanks left over halloween candy!), so you get to enjoy it here. We recently moved Liam over to his own room, and as a result, I have another UFYH chapter!

UFYH – Liam’s Room

This space has gone through many makeovers since we moved into the house. Originally, it was used as a craft room/catch all/cat’s space by the previous owners.

cr1This is from their house listing. As you can see, it had teal carpeting, and a hand made cat ledge at the window. This room was my space, but I didn’t have much of a budget to work with. First, we replaced the carpet with a plush beige carpet and painted the walls a vibrant leafy green. Pat helped me install floating IKEA shelves on the inner wall to accomodate my large collection of comic books and knitting patterns.

This was my refuge. All of my books, crafts and music went into this room. I loved it!

When we found out we were expecting, despite having a larger guest room as an option, we both knew that the craft room was a better space for a kid. Firstly, it doesn’t share a wall with our loud neighbours. Secondly, while small, it was the perfect size for a wee one. It would force us to keep it tidy and to keep the number of toys in the space limited. I loved the colour for a nursery, so it was great that I didn’t need to repaint!

cr6While Liam slept in our room (either co-sleeping with us in the bed, or in his larger crib), the nursery was the place that I took him to have some wiggle time on the floor, or to read a story in my lap. We brought in an old dresser that had been my sister’s dresser when she was a child. We purchased a cheap small bookshelf to hold on to our small children’s literature collection. Tracy and I put up the few insect decals that she had gifted us from Toys R Us around the room. The cradle was a gift from Jan and Cathy. It’s a family heirloom. All of the Heffernan girls slept in it <3 While the space acted more like storage, Maddie’s Crate was moved back in, making it more of a baby’s playroom and the Dog’s Bedroom.

Last week, Pat and I tackled the space. It was time to get little man out of our room and into his own space. I was waking him with my tossing and turning. It hurt my heart, but I knew it was time.

First we moved Maddie’s crate into the guest room. We then gave the carpet a very deep cleaning. We removed the blinds and hung some black out curtains (darkness is very important to baby nap time!). We hung some art and set up his new and wonderful Montessori bed (a birthday gift from Jan, Cathy and the girls!). We went with sort of an eclectic fairy tale themed space. Natural mixed woods, vintage pieces, woodland animals and bugs, dragons, child-like without being too cartoony. The art is hung low to compliment the Montessori aspect of the space. I want him to be able to see the art and enjoy it.

What we have in the room:

  • Bunting by A Fete Beckons
  • Liam’s Name Letters – Created by our friends S & K. Letters were painted white and decorated with Star Wars characters
  • Strange heirloom embroidery that I found in my mother’s trunk.
  • Decals by Carter’s, at Toys R Us
  • Owl Night Light from Belly Laughs
  • Bedding from Zara Kids.
  • Nursing chair by La-Z-Boy
  • Curtains from Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Wall Mirrors & Floating Shelves by IKEA
  • Elephant & Animals textile, gift from Pat’s co-worker.
  • Vintage Fox Art – from Pat’s nursery as a kid
  • Word Art, from grassgreendesigns

I’ll try to post some better pictures of these details later. The room is mostly done,  but I still have plans for it. We have a beautiful owl fram that Tracy had given us for the room when Liam was born. I’d like to print a picture of her with him for it. I also have some art from my own nursery as a child that I need to get framed. I’m also thinking about getting something like this for the space:


There’s also some art I was considering:



il_570xN.416369710_2vi4il_570xN.239439992il_570xN.429312908_f8g9 il_570xN.334228303

So many things!  Anyway, I hope you liked this little look into Liam’s room. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. <3

Black magik

This time of year always makes me nostalgic. As we are forced indoors by the cold, I think back to Halloween over the years. I used to go to a local club every year with my friends to celebrate at the Annual Witches Gathering party.

It’s a hard thing to explain. I’ve had other friends join me and try never really got why I went there every year. The line ups were awful, service was bad and the music was terribly outdated (and not in a good way). There was a certain appeal of being with my people and attending out of a sense of ritual. They have since changed venues, but I haven’t gone since my Mom passed.

Me at the Gathering, 2009.

Me at the Gathering, 2009.

Before going out, we used to stop by a little cafe downtown called Oh So Good. Oh So Good used to have this amazing coffee on the menu called Black Magik. It was served in a bowl style mug and was DELICIOUS. The cafe has since moved and lost its appeal, as well as the Black Magik on the menu.

Tonight is the night of the Witches Gathering. I’m not going, but I decided to make myself a cup of Black Magik as best as I could.

OSG’s Black Magik

My not-so-black magik

My not-so-black magik

What you need:

  • Strong black coffee (I used my Keurig, but whatever tickles your fancy is what works best)
  • Two scoops of chocolate icecream
  • Sweetener of choice (I used maple syrup)
  • Milk/Cream/whatever if you need it

It’s pretty straight forward. Brew your coffee however you like it. It’s best if it’s a heavier strong coffee. Add two scoops of chocolate icecream and stir. If it’s not sweet or light enough for you, add your sweetener and milk/cream/whatever. I only had vanilla icecream on hand, so that’s what went into mine. Garnish with a tiny bit of Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

What ever you’re up to tonight, I hope you’re having a lovely time. We are relaxing and setting Liam up in his big boy room. It’s his first night out of our room. Wish us luck!

Liam's Room <3

Liam’s Room <3

It’s not all highs and lows

While nursing my son to sleep tonight, I started thinking about how lucky I am and how I may not be living the life I imagined, but I am living a blessed life.

It’s easy, especially on the internet, to only talk about the highs and lows. There’s been so many of those motivational bleh things floating around facebook lately, with an equal share of the hilariously grumpy and true someecards.



1342267887583_456442That last one is specifically on my mind. I talk a lot about how spirited my son is, how difficult the last year and a half has been and how I’ve struggled with PPD. Ive been told my experiences are good birth control. Yeah. Nice to hear, eh? What I haven’t been talking about, at least not enough, is the small moments of sweetness. Not the OMG YAY Milestones necessarily, but the quiet or silly moments of parenting that make it make sense.

My son has this amazing grin that he saves for moments when he knows I’m probably about to be cranky with him. He sometimes stops part way through nursing, in the middle of the night, to grab my face and kiss me, before going back to nursing and falling asleep. I love that everything is a drum for him. He dances with or without music. He knows what he wants. He does a funny little stomping dance when he’s excited. He throws his arms back, sometimes, like a cape and then runs around chasing the dog. He loves big kids. He loves following them around and talking to them. He loves animals more than anything, except for maybe gold fish crackers. I am never alone, now. I know love in a way I never knew I could.

It hasn’t been easy for us, but I really mean it when I say I wouldn’t change it for the world. My family is my everything, and has been worth every sacrifice.

My little man is different than I expected, because he’s so much MORE.


One Year

There’s no real way to start this post without the cliched “Holy crap, a year? HOW?!”. I imagine it’s part loving being home, part exhaustion and part being in constant flux that makes the time go by so quickly. A lot has changed in our lives this year. First, let’s do the stats on L

Stats for One-Year

25lbs, 31″ tall.

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 4, CD Mediums
  • Clothing Size: 18-24 months or 2T
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Little Man
  • Teeth: 4 1/2 (both sets of central incisors and half of a bottom right lateral incisor) by his birthday. He has something around 9 now.
  • Had first trip to CHEO (He was sick for about 3 weeks with a bad viral infection. He lost a few pounds and had constant diarrhea)
  • Took first steps in March, started walking right after his birthday
  • His first swear word: Shit. He likes to wander around the house saying “Oh, Shit.”
  • He loves tormenting the cats and playing fetch with the dog
  • We hang out with his pals Gus, Isla and Wesley at least once a week these days.
  • When he’s not teething, he loves to eat chicken, rice, potatoes, french fries, bagels, carrots, yogurt, cottage cheese, toast, apples, and cucumbers. My boy inherited his father’s picky taste buds
  • His birthday party was small and the theme was “Little Man”
  • He took his first trip with me, right after his birthday, to visit my sister in Calgary. Planes do not make Liam happy
  • He attended his first Comic convention a couple weeks ago, dressed as a tiny Dr. Who

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. He’s such a brilliant, charming and funny little man. He’s still very cautious about new people. He doesn’t give his love away to just anyone. He’s adventurous and dives into everything headfirst (so many bruises and cuts to prove it). He’s musically inclined and loves to dance and play with instruments. He adores being around other kids, especially big kids. He loves animals. He loves to touch everything (just like me).

We are bedsharing still, and I love it. I’m going to miss it very much. His nanny and grammy are having a custom made montessori bed built for his birthday, so soon he’ll be moving into his own bed in his own room (weep!). He does not sleep through the night and we have no plans on sleep training.  I am still breastfeeding and have no plans to stop any time soon. I’ll let him decide when he’s ready to stop. We babywear as much as I can (which is less than I’d like. My poor back can’t take his 25+lbs these days).

He has pretty much outgrown the Beco Gemini, so we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new Tula Toddler (in Ikat for those who are curious). We are also dabbling in wrapping (we have a gauze wrap and a beautiful Girasol Amitola wrap). Amusingly, and typical of me to be behind on the trend, we’ve just started cloth diapering at 13 months. We’re doing it part time, and I love it. (a separate post on that to come!)

I am now working part time at a fantastic baby and maternity boutique, called Belly Laughs. It’s only 6 hours a week, but it brings in a bit of money (now that my Mat Leave is done), while still allowing me to be at home with him during the day.

We try to attend meetups for a local baby wearing group  when they come up. We love to hang out with some of our fave moms and babies from our April Mommy group, at least once a week.

Liam is incredibly mobile these days and hates sitting at home, so we go for walks daily, and try to hit a park as often as we can.













A day in the life

One of my girlfriends recently shared a great post in a group we both belong to online. It was a peek into her life with her beautiful baby girl. I loved it and decided it would be fun to document one of our days with Liam, so here it is!

A Day in My Life

7am Baby wakes up. I nurse, change, and dress him. I Bring him downstairs and put him in the bouncer so that I can have toast and tea. Treehouse keeps his attention long enough for me to finish. He has a poopsplosion, so I change him and his outfit


8am Time to play on the floor. Maddie, our dog, is chased around the room. Liam tries to play with our subwoofer and gets annoyed when I keep saying no.


8:15 I realize the dog tracked in a bunch of dirt and cedar from the backyard (Liam tried to eat a bit of cedar hedge) so I do a quick vacuum and then we’re back to playing on the floor. FB until L gets annoyed and wants my attention.


8:40 little man is hungry so I nurse him.

8:45 It was only a little snack. We sing and dance for a bit and practice our clapping.


9:00 L goes in the jolly jumper but is unhappy. Going to try for first nap. Takes about 7 minutes of bouncing and “you are my sunshine” and he’s out. I work on some laundry and clean the kitchen. I finish putting together my WB April moms Christmas exchange gift. I then take out all of our scarves, hats and mitts from basement storage.

9:50 Liam wakes up. I nurse him and then put him in the jolly jumper. We watch Ellen while I make my grocery shopping list.


10:15 DH calls. We chat for a bit on speaker phone while L jumps. He’s happy to jump and hear his Dad


10:40 I strip down the guest bed and bring the linens down for laundry. I empty the vacuum canister

11:00 Tv goes off and music comes on. I change L and then put him in the Gemini to do some vacuuming and cleaning.

11:15 mail lady arrives with more Christmas gifts

11:17 begin dancing, singing and mopping in the kitchen.

11:30 play in living room while kitchen dries. Nurse

11:45 Accidentally bonk L in the head while moving a chair back to the kitchen. Snuggles and apologies :(


11:50 I have a quick shower and then take L to our room to have his next nap. I bounce and sing but he resists. I nurse and then try again

12:30 L falls asleep. I continue working on laundry. I clean out the fridge and prep our stuff for going out. I put my hair up and put on a bit of makeup. I drink my last bit of caffeine for the day (Dr. Pepper) and put some food on for lunch.

1:20 Liam wakes up. I put him in the bouncer and eat my lunch. I then nurse him an then Change him into warmer clothes and head out for groceries.


3:30 get home from groceries and the post office. Liam goes into the jolly jumper. I put the groceries away

4:15 nursed L and then put him down for his last nap of the day.

5:30 Liam wakes up and pat arrives home. I nurse L and change him. I play with him while Pat cleans


6:30 I start dinner while Pat plays with Liam. We eat while Liam plays in the bouncer. After we eat we put him on the floor and play with him

7:10 bath time!

7:30 bed time! We change him and read two stories (the Very hungry caterpillar and Lullaby Moon) we then give him snuggles and kisses. Pat preps our bed and turns out the light while I nurse Liam. Pat then takes Liam and burps him, then walks and pats him to sleep.
Asleep by around 8


8:40 Liam stirs. I nurse him down and go to bed myself at 9. Liam wakes up 6 more times during the night. Each time I get up, nurse him and he falls right back down. We get up for the day at 6:30am

7 Months

6-7 Months Old

Month 6 was rough. Sleep still was not going well and all of us were fighting colds and bad moods. Right at the beginning of Month 6, Liam popped his second tooth. Not sure if it’s teething or just all the crazy developing and learning he’s doing, but Liam is veeeeery moody and cranky this month. We started feeding him purees more regularly. Orange foods are a big hit, especially carrots and sweet potato. Banana is awful. L hates it with a fiery passion.

I finally got myself to my doctor and started taking medication for my Post Partum Depression. To cheer myself up, I went out and dyed my hair purple and blue. Woo! I also tried to get out as much as possible. We started seeing the April Ottawa Moms more regularly and tried to meet up with Liam’s auntie J and his cousins, E and W. Playgroup is every Tuesday and we’re starting to make some new friends there too. I won a stroller and a carrier, neither of which we need and are planning on selling. (Here and here if you’re interested)

Stats for Month 6

20.8lbs, 28″ tall Our big boy!

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 3
  • Clothing Size: 9-12 and 12-18 Months
  • Favourite Clothes: Old Navy long sleeved onesies, jeans. R2D2 Robeez, Old Navy Hat, sweaters
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Little Man, Duder
  • Can stay seated on his own now
  • Scooting backwards and going in circles
  • Got his 2nd tooth on the 16th of October
  • Lots of biting, so we think tooth #3 is on its way
  • Ordered a glider (FINALLY)
  • Celebrated his first Halloween (Went as Capt’n Picard and a Dragon)
  • While upset, cried out “MAMA!”
  • Learned to clap
  • Learned to wave
  • Drank from a cup
  • Swung on a swing for the first time

Our Serious boy, photo by Lindsay Doak

Fall baby

Dad and Capt’n Jean Luc Picard


Princess Mom and her dragon

Capt’n Picard and his Buddies, photo by Michelle Hughes


Nomming on an apple

Out for a walk with Mom


Playing on the floor

Playing with his favourite toy – tupperware


Swinging! Photo by Lindsay Doak