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Summer Solstice

Happy belated solstice to everyone!

We had a lovely, if not a little busy, weekend. We spent as much time out in the sun as we could and had a great time doing it.


On Saturday, we decided to attend our very first Pow Wow. There is an annual solstice event held here in Ottawa, at Vincent Massey Park. It’s a great free event, with pony rides, a petting zoo, arts and crafts and a Pow Wow. Liam loved seeing the animals, and running around the huge park. Unfortunately, the Pow Wow was quite late starting and he lost patience before much started. We did get to watch the Grand Entrance and enjoy some tasty bevvies though.

That's Liam's "What is this delicious Strawberry Drink?!" face
That’s Liam’s “What is this delicious Strawberry Drink?!” face




It was such a great time. I’d recommend this event to everyone! Next year I’ll be sure to plan better, as we didn’t bring much cash with us and ended up missing out on lots of tasty treats as a result. I loved the smell of sage, cedar and sweetgrass in the air. It was such a beautiful thing :)

We did a lot of yard work and tidying inside. I always find the need to put things in order around the sabbats and esbats. We have a massive amount of decluttering ahead. Our poor tiny house is starting to feel overrun with stuff again.

Meanwhile, I have a busy week ahead! I have two babywearing teaching events going on. Tomorrow is my first one-on-one appointment and on Friday, I’m off to Brockville to attend their local meet up with some of my carriers for show and tell. Can’t wait!
What are you up to this week? Did you do anything special for the Solstice?

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Tuesday Day Book

Things have been really busy and really intense the last week. I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from journalling, as I don’t have much more time for myself than to sit down and eat.  Here’s the daybook post for this week to catch you up.

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Very very stressed. Some major estate drama, followed by helping out some friends and family. Pat’s Aunt Mary is having major spinal surgery today to remove a benign tumor. We spent a few nights at her place last week, helping her set up and get prepared for her return home, post-op. We also had to remove the last few things from my Mum’s place as it closes next week, and in doing so, borrowed Pat’s BFF’s van. To repay her kindness and to give us a bit of a break, we spent the weekend mostly at her place, helping her with some housework, moving one of her daughters’ bedrooms and hanging out by the pool. I’ve also been trying to sort out plans for our anniversary weekend, while trying to take care of myself (booking massage and therapy appointments, etc…)

I am thinking… about this weekend, and how nice it’ll be to be away for a bit. How I can’t believe it’s been a year already since we got married! I feel like it was yesterday that I was picking dresses with my Mum. I’m thinking about what we’ll do once the estate is over with, and how I’m scared about the battle I’m about to start.

I am thankful for… finding the love of my life at a party when I was 15 years old. I’m thankful that after all of my mistakes, he took me back time and time again (though it took a bit of convincing the last time).

From the kitchen… Nothing I haven’t had much time to cook. I did try this recipe, but found it bland and way too greasy for us.

photo by bell'alimento

I am wearing…a dress! I’ve been wearing dresses at least once a week this month :D

I am creating… nothing. Been too busy :( I’ve been working on a summer playlist for work though. That’s something, right?

I am going… to Merrickville for our anniversary :) Can’t wait!

I am reading… Clash of Kings. Great second book so far :D

I am hoping… for some resolution to these ridiculous issues that keep popping up. Some peace would be nice too. Or some civility. I think I may be asking for too much. How about a lovely anniversary weekend? That would be nice.

I am hearing… More The Weepies, lots of Sarah Harmer. She is my go-to for summer tunes.

Around the house…Lots more stuff from my Mum’s place. Plans for working on the deck and to make a useable outdoor space.

One of my favorite things…Mental health days. Tomorrow I’m having a massage, a therapy session, a waxing appointment and time to work on the estate, Hopefully, this will also include a trip to Bridgehead and lunch in Westboro (my favourite part of town).

A few plans for the rest of the week: The busy times continue! Tonight we’re off to celebrate Litha with my girlfriend L and her husband S. Tomorrow I have a day of mental health, followed by getting the house clean and prepping for our weekend away. Saturday, I have chiro and Pat has karate, followed by our trip to Merrickville for the night. Sunday, we return home.

Here is picture! Yay!

Daily Life

I hope that wasn’t a sign…

Man, here we are. Three days out. It’s amazing to me how fast time flies by. We’re in a pretty good place overall. Most of the big stuff is done. I’m looking forward to being able to share with you all of the little projects I’ve done once the wedding is over.

Litha came and went beautifully for me. My sister and I spent the morning dealing with some frustrating estate stuff. Luckily, I think the sticky pink strawberries and the warm sweet smell of the boiling jam could cheer the grumpiest of people.

In fact, I wish I had some to make today. It could certainly help!

Today is one of those days that they warn you about when you start to plan your wedding. I was warned that in your last week before the wedding, the following would occur:
-Your face will explode into badness (Check. I have both eczema and pimples, and my neck is included in this joy. Sweet.)
-You will burn/tan when you do everything you can to avoid it (Check. Despite wearing SPF 60 every day for the last 2 months, perhaps causing the previous issue, I have lovely strap lines. Awesome.)
-People will suddenly cancel at the very last minute (Check. We’ve gone from 81 to 68 in two days)
-You’ll finish almost everything to suddenly have to fix a bunch of things you did too early (Check. Because of the previous point, I have to work on the place cards and completely rework the seating chart)
-Vendors will piss you off, even if they’ve been angels up to this point (Check. Suit vendor is flaking on us. May not have the suits for the guys until the day before the wedding)

Meanwhile, we just had an earthquake. We don’t normally have those here, in Ottawa, despite having a fault line right near my house. The last “big” one was a 4.5 I think back in 2002. It was only 5.7, but for us, that’s intense. People at work are now being short and snippy with each other, as we call loved ones to make sure everyone is ok. I feel caged. I just so badly want to get home and see Pat and the animals to confirm what my mind already knows, that they are fine.

I hope the rest of the week improves. I’m trying to be optimistic, but this is a bit much.