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Questions and Agenda

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Honestly, I haven’t much to say that hasn’t already been said. I’ve been slowly working away on Mrs. Darcy and am just under halfway done the last sleeve and I only have one ball of yarn left. EEP! This is yarn that I purchased years ago from Elann, so I’m SOL if I run out.

Isn’t it pretty? Well, I guess it’s pretty plain looking, but to touch it makes all the difference. It’s a wool and alpaca blend that is this beautiful tweedy plum colour.  For those with the Rav, here’s the stash page for it. So close to being done! I think when I finish all the pieces, I’m going to need to drop by the local Knit Night and ask for some help with seaming. It’s something I’ve never been good at, and I want this sweater to be perfect! Meanwhile, speaking of sweaters…

Tis nearly that time of year….my favourite of all: Samhain! In honour of this, and considering how important it is to me this year, I’ve decided to join  The Domestic Witch’s  Halloween Blog Party! You can read more about it  here!

I plan on starting to post on Samhain related things started October 1st.  I haven’t fully decided on the nature of the posts yet, but I’m excited about the project.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on pregnancy and babies lately (no little bean yet, I promise. It’s more just prep-work. We’re hoping for next year some time, but not before at least one of us have a full time job with benefits that isn’t a contract). Are there any that you’d recommend? My favourites so far are Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Also, have any of you ever been to Jamaica before? We’ve booked our honeymoon and I’d love to hear about things that you enjoyed while you were there. We’re going to Negril, if that helps.

On that note, I have to get back to work. I’m taking at least a week off in the near future, so expect some posts about cleaning, purging and things of the sort.

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A brief catchup

Sorry for the delay folks. It’s been a busy week! Today I’m off on a bit of an adventure and will be back on Monday. So, in the mean time, lets get you caught up!

Firstly, I don’t have any amazing pictures of How To Make Taiwanese Dumplings, because I ended up being hours late to the Dumpling Making Fest. I was very sad, but what can you do? Sometimes life just wants you to eat, not make.  So, here’s what we enjoyed:

Doesn’t that look amazing? Trust me, it was.  Luckily, Alice taught two of our friends, so I should be able to get them to show me some time. Yum! And isn’t it better to eat than cook sometimes? I think this is one of those times.

I’ve started knitting again lately, which is great. Hopefully, it’s a step in the right direction and I’ll find myself motivated to pick up the hook. I’m not sure what it is that has me completely uninterested right now, but I hope it goes away so that I can learn to crochet! I’ve been working on this cardigan for the last three years:

Mrs. Darcy

All I have left to do are the sleeves, so I finally picked it up and started to work. I was in the middle of the sleeve cap decreases when I realized that my pattern abruptly stopped. You see, I’ve been working off of the same pattern this whole time. All I have left is one badly damaged piece of paper, and it became quickly apparent that I was missing a whole page.

Ugh! So, I went hunting…and it turns out the designer has taken down the pattern as it’s about to be published in a book. I asked around and no one had it or they weren’t up to sharing. I was unimpressed. Luckily, there was a whole thread dedicated to this issue on Ravelry and I learned of a great webpage: Archive.org  Basically, this page captures websites over the years on their Way Back Machine. I found an old captured copy of the pattern on there, and was able to print it off. WOO! My cardi is saved! So, I finished the one sleeve and hope to get through most of the next this weekend.

Meanwhile, I made an excellent discovery going through some clothes that I took from Mum’s collection after the passed. I thought it was an apron, but it turns out it’s a cute wrap dress!

Pretty! Perfect for hot summer days
Ugh. Excuse my expression here.
Perfect length and it has POCKETS!
It wraps at the back

Go Mum! I never ever saw her wear this, and it was tucked away in a pile to go to charity when I saved it for myself. Can’t wait for the next hot day to wear it out!

Well, on that note, I have some stuff to do around the house before my weekend gets underway. Have a good one! I’ll be celebrating Lammas on Sunday, so I’ll be sure to share my rit with you then :)