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Where did the summer go? I mean, it’s still 40C out there with the humidex, but I can’t believe it’s already September. I don’t feel like we’ve been busy this summer, and yet it has flown by.

The past few weeks have been a bit tough here. I had some bleeding a couple weeks ago, and so my health team is keeping an eye on things and telling me to “take it easy” (which, you know, with a 3 year old is kind of interesting). There have been some miscommunication and a case of too many cooks I think, so I’m switching from shared care (GP and OB) to just my OB. I won’t lie. I’m a bit stressed about everything right now. I had an appointment this past Thursday, another this Friday and then another two weeks after that. Somewhere in there they want me to get an ultrasound done too.  As far as we can tell, baby is fine, but they want to keep a close eye on things.

This, of course, has ramped up project “OMG, time to get ready for baby!”, so I’ve been making lists, researching and started packing our hospital bag. I am mostly freaking out about how Liam will fair during Go Baby! time, but I am telling myself that we have a wonderful group of friends and family who will jump to the rescue whenever we need them. Also, it has helped me think about our birth plan/guidelines this time. Want to see what I’ve come up with? Click to enbiggen.


So, with all of that going on, Liam and I took a week to hang with out friends and do what makes us smile. I booked the week off work and we did what ever felt right. We had a great time visiting parks, friends’ houses, having people over to our place and basically having a staycation. I managed to sneak out with my girlfriends one night and had a great time.

At the park, Liam plays on his scooter with his friend riding his bike in the background

Today we are going to be rearranging our master bedroom to prepare for Baby (I know, I know, 3 months away. Mama needs to nest!). I have been slowly working away on our mountains of laundry and prepping all the baby clothes for his arrival. We maaaaaaaay have agreed on a name, but I’m hesitant to say it’s chosen for sure. It was on our list for Liam, and I had somehow disregarded it this time until Pat brought it up again. It’s not as… unique or historic as I would have liked (RIP Finnigan, River, Rowan, and Ronan; the names that I loved and were vetoed) but I think it works and fits well within the family. If I feel more certain about it, I will share it (with the disclaimer of it being possible that we change our minds when Kiddo arrives and we see if it actually works for him). In the mean time, I am working hard to convince Pat to at least go with some alternative spelling, but I doubt that will come to fruition ;)

Oh, I wanted to add that I’m sorry for the lack of ipsy review this month. With everything going on, I just wasn’t into it. Doesn’t help that my bad this month was incredibly uninspiring and disappointing. Here’s hoping this month is better.

And with that, I am off to make myself a tea. Mama needs all the “get up and go” that she can get.

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Summer amusements

I’ve noticed a few people in the blogosphere comment on how crazy and short this summer seems to be. Honestly, I have to agree. I feel like it’s flying by and it’s all that I can do to keep standing. I’ve been struggling with the delay to the estate (we’re looking at 2012 at this point before it’s closed), which is leaving me feeling gutted and exhausted. I’m trying to stay motivated, but it’s been hard.

I have had a few really fun distractions though, in the form of new books and tv shows. I’m currently reading the third book in the Hunger Games series. I’ve been devouring these books (I started book one on Tuesday, averaging one book a day). Taking them in in big gulps. I don’t know what I’ll do when I finish this third one. I’ve heard whispers of the fourth coming out this year, but I’m not sure.

The other series that I’m enjoying has been a big “Well Duh” in the entertainment world lately: Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire. It’s funny because I was specifically told “Oh, you’ll hate that series. It’s all names and military tactics.” Which, in a way is very true. It’s all families and wars. Normally, I absolutely hate these really dry overly detailed fantasy books that are just full of names and politics. I just can’t care, you know? I need emotion. I need a social history, rather than a military and political tome. Even more so, I am not huge on traditional fantasy. Urban Fantasy has my heart. I need that balance of reality and the fantastical. This series seems to find that perfect balance for me. I can actually follow these families, the battles they fight and give a damn about it. I’m only just finished the second book, and can’t wait to start the third. I plan on picking it up before a cottage weekend that’s approaching.

For TV Shows, I’ve been really behind the times. My sister got me watching Dr. Who when I was visiting her in Calgary and I got hooked. I came home and immediately demanded that Pat watch it with me. We’re just about done season 1. (Don’t worry, I got back at Tracy by introducing her to Supernatural. Bwahahaha.).

You never forget your first doctor <3

The next one is the fault of Pat’s cousins, Cara and Dalton. They kept talking about this show. I asked my BiL about it and he demanded that we see it. What is it? Dexter. Yep, we’re completely into it now. We’re in the middle of season 2.

So, you can imagine just how exciting our lives have been lately. Lots of books and DVDs for us. Then again, it is summer time so that sounds about right.

I’ve also been spending some time figuring out the brand new Google Plus. I’m not sure that this will ever replace facebook for me, but it’s definitely been an interesting alternative. What it looks like for me (click to embiggen):

The one thing I will say is that I really hope the mobile site improves. I don’t like that I can’t seem to post pictures from my iPhone like I can on facebook. Big deterrent for me. Also? Would definitely prefer an app to a mobile page.  If you’re on too, feel free to add me:

Oh! I’ve updated my links here. Took out dead pages and added a bunch. If you don’t see yourself, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll check out your page :D

And with that last note, I should go. Only a few minutes left in the work day and I still have some things to get done :)


Day 5 – Summer Traditions

Another post for the 30 Day Journal Challenge.

Day 5 Prompt:  What are your summer traditions.  We all have different traditions for each and every season right?  What are some things that you do as a tradition each summer?  If you don’t have any traditions, maybe you can create some this summer!!

Summer has always been a special time for me. Growing up, it was when most of my family members had their birthdays (Dad’s was today, June 5th. Mine is the 12th. Tracy’s is in August). We spent almost every summer of my child hood at a camp site every weekend for “camping” (My mother’s version of camping, a fully stocked trailer with A/C and full bathroom and kitchen). It was time for friends and family, for hobbies and doing it all outside.

Since moving out, and my parents’ deaths, Summer has changed a bit. Now it’s when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. It’s time for BBQ’s, baby showers, weddings and catching up with friends and family. We don’t have the trailer anymore, so we normally try to make it out to a cottage. This year, Pat’s work wife is hosting us in July for her birthday celebrations out in the Sharbot Lake region. Also, we spend a ton of time with Pat’s other family, Jan and Cathy. They have a big beautiful pool in their yard, so we tend to get a lot of swimming in. The last few years, I’ve made a point to stop by one of the local fairs. Not sure if that’ll continue this year, but we’ll see!

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