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21 Day Fix, Week 2 Round up

Here we are, at the end of another week. I have one week left on this program. I don’t know if I’m thrilled or bummed.

This past week was tough. I am still feeling run down and only had one day where my work out made me feel energized. Otherwise, this promised “Energy Boost” hasn’t come. I did manage to do every work out this week, while also going for a walk with Liam and our dog, Maddie.

I am starting to really enjoy Shakeology, which weirds me out because I remember it being vile when I started. That said, I can’t say that it has killed all my cravings like it promised. This week was a tough one for wanting to eat ALL THE THINGS. I could have done bad things to good people for a french fry or 50.

I am down a total of 6lbs so far, which is fantastic. I am about 6lbs away from my goal (where I was before my recent weight gain, about 10lbs more than I weighed pre-pregnancy) I haven’t decided what my plan is for when I am done this thing. Will I continue on and do a second round, like most do? I’m not sure. I do enjoy that I know what portions are supposed to look like now, and how I wasn’t getting nearly enough vegetables and fruit in my diet.

My meal plan for this week is pretty lame, mostly because I am stressed and just want to do what is easy and relatively tasty. Not trying anything new here:

21daywk3You’ll notice I moved my shake from the morning to after my workout. I know we aren’t supposed to have purple or yellow after 6 (starches/carbs or fruit), but my body CRAVES that protein and full belly after busting my ass.

So, wish me luck. Here’s hoping I can finish this week strong and have some great results at the end of these 21 Days.

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I swear time is doing funny things to us here. I feel like it is both flying by and crawling forward. Perhaps that’s just life with a toddler.

Week one of the 21 day fix wraps up today. It’s been an interesting week! It has been a challenge to work out daily, but not as much as I thought it would be. I also thought it would be harder to follow the meal plan, but it’s amazing how easy it is once you wrap your head around it. A week ago, it took me nearly 4 hours to plan for the week. Now I can replan and day in 10 minutes, tops. (Which we had to do yesterday due to grocery limitations and other pain in the butt issues, such as my car being a total piece of crap). I have really enjoyed sharing this experience with Pat. He has been a massive motivator to me. No major change on the scale yet, but I’m not going to do an official End of Week 1 weigh in until tomorrow morning.

Other observations:

  • I hate cardio. I am screwed when the apocalypse happens.
  • I have very little in the way of work-out attire. In the process of remedying that.
  • It’s amazing how quickly your body adapts. I went from drinking almost no water a day, and 3+ cups of coffee (full of milk and sugar), to a TONNE of water and almost no coffee in a day (only a quick glug of milk and stevia now).
  • I freaking love balsamic vinegar. On everything. EVERYTHING.

For those that are into this, this is my meal plan for this coming week. I know it doesn’t look like much, but the portions are HUGE.


Aside from this massive lifestyle change, we got out to see some more houses and have a renewed hope. We are returning to getting our place done and will hopefully have it on the market by next week. We are moving our target area a bit and have fallen in love with a small town further south. We have FOUR places that we are really interested in now, so I am very excited.

Hopefully we get our acts together and get going so that it isn’t freaking February when we are moving. Ugh.

It seems fitting that all of this change is going on now, at Mabon time.


I have to say, I love this time of year. I never feel more like myself than I do now. I live for sweater weather, apples and spice, fallen acorns, changing leaves and tea. Seriously, my heart is set to burst with how much I adore it. I hate how short lived it is.


I don’t have any major plans for Mabon this year. Maybe a few crafts with my boy, a walk in the woods and a cleansing of the home (also a good idea for getting some welcoming vibes for the house hunters). I have some yard work to do, to both enhance the curb appeal and prep for the coming winter. That feels like it should round out the day perfectly :)

What are you doing for the equinox?

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Spring parties

As you could tell from my last post, we have had a rough go the last little bit. Right before Easter weekend, we were all struck down by a 72 hr gastro bug. It hit me first, right after work on Wednesday, and then slowly made its way through the family. We still weren’t over it by Easter morning, so we had a word with Humphrey and decided that the egg hunt and Ostara plans would have to be postponed.

Unfortunately, I had already postponed Ostara from the actual equinox, to Easter weekend (I’m trying to find a way to combine our holidays and practices. This time didn’t quite work out). As a result, we finally got to celebrating this past weekend, and its already nearly Beltane. Sigh. Oh well! Funny how once the weather changes, life seems to pick up the pace. This weekend was full of spring celebrations.

We woke up Sunday morning, went to get papa (I’m sleeping with Liam these days, as his flu and molars have done a number on his sleep again. He’s nursing like a newborn these days) and off he went on the egg hunt.

As you can see, Humphrey spoiled him nicely.  After the egg hunt, we celebrated Ostara by planting some seeds in Liam’s new seed starter kit and then I did a cedar and sage smudging of the house.

Planting some merigold seeds
Planting some marigold seeds


My new smudging kit
My new smudging kit

After the chocolate craze died down, and little man finally had his nap, we were off to Brewer park to hang out with our buddies! G, one of Liam’s buddies, had his birthday right around the same time as L. We decided to avoid the big party this year and simply celebrate these two awesome dudes by doing their favourite thing. We had a great time, despite the chilly grey weather.


A couple hours later, all the kids were turning into monster pumpkins. This mama was pretty toast too. It was a great weekend, with a ton of celebration.

I’m not quite sure what our plans are for Beltane later this week, but I’m thinking maybe a trip to the Experimental Farm and maybe making my Honey Lavender cake. Nothing too crazy this year. I was hoping to take Liam to the local Waldorf’s school May Day celebrations  this weekend (they even have a maypole!), but I’m working the Ottawa Baby Show this year! If you’re in the area, please come out and visit me on Sunday at the Belly Laughs booth. I’m there from 10-3.


This coming week also marks the beginning of a new chapter in my journey towards living healthier. I recently came across a great blog called Bless this Mess (a sentiment I can definitely get behind). A week ago, or so, she posted about this great challenge called Feel Great in 8. I was intrigued so I checked it out. I really dig the concept: Striving towards holistic Health. We’re not just talking shedding pounds here, but rather working on fitness, nutrition, mental health and spirituality. I may be one of the few(if not only) non-Christian participants, but I think the challenges will still speak to me and my faith. I am about 11lbs from my first goal (my pre-pregnancy weight), and I’ve been slacking pretty bad lately. This is exactly the kind of boost I need. If you’re interested, check out their page. There’s time left before our round starts (May 5th). There are referral benefits, but don’t feel like you have to share that you got there through me.  I’d just love to have some buddies join me in this :)



And with that, I’m off! We’re having our furnace serviced for the spring today, and I need to carve out a path through the toddler destruction for the guys to get in.


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Rhythm – An update

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Ottawa. I’m trying to get some cleaning in before the end of the weekend.

Today we are heading over to visit Liam’s Nanny,  Grammy and Aunties. We haven’t been able to visit them as much as I would like. Between busy weekends,  illness,  and pat’s classed we’ve been averaging maybe once a month.

I’ve been trying to establish more of a routine for Liam. I’ve talked about the Waldorf concept of rhythm and routine before. I think we’ve finally found a very casual rhythm that works for us:


Mondays: Cleaning,  meal planning, groceries
Tuesdays: Arts &  Crafts
Wednesdays: Baking and tidying
Thurdays: Outdoor play
Fridays: Friends
Saturdays: Errands, tidying
Sundays: Family

We’ve also developed a bit of a routine for the day to day as well,  though this changes depending on our plans.


-wake up
-take care of animals
-TV time
-make dinner
-eat dinner
-bedtime routine

I’ve been trying to integrate gentle transitions to help with these changes. So far Liam has really responded well to them. The one issue we are having is bedtime. Suddenly,  he will not go to bed for me. We are playing with the bedtime routine to see if we can’t find something that works better than what I am doing.


I can’t believe that in less than a month my baby will be 2. Where has the time gone? We have no real plans for celebrating. If the weather cooperates we will go to the park with his buddies. If not,  I may just take him to the museum and maybe a diner for dinner. Simplicity is our motto these days (she says,  despite the pile of birthday gifts upstairs.)

In other news,  my health journey is going well. I’ve lost a total of 8lbs and 11 inches, and feel great.  With the exception of my diet coke love,  I have been really good about eating much better. I no longer crave chips or candy (I do occasionally desperately want a burger and fries). I am not starving myself and am learning about balance. I have been less sore and my digestive health has been so much better.


Kaitlin is trying to convince me to train for a marathon (you crazy woman). We shall see ;) I haven’t done much exercise since catching my cold. I have to get back to activity before I start thinking about a marathon.

I do have some news to share,  but I’ll save that for my next post.  Here’s a teaser: My good luck has served me well again and I’ve won another contest. More details to come :)


Happy St. Patty’s!

Not having the laptop has really messed with my writing mojo.  I’m attempting a post on my phone,  so bare with me. Typos and formatting may be a bit wonky.

There’s been so much I have wanted to write about lately.  IKEA breastfeeding scandals, my health journey, decluttering,  cultural appropriation/racism fears, etc… I think I’ll start with what makes most sense: Happy St. Patty’s day! It’s one of those days that I feel a little torn about. I’m pagan, and the story of “driving snakes out of ireland” has been taken to mean the christianization of Ireland. The original Irish catholic traditions of the day are pretty much nonexistent in North America,  and a lot of my Irish buddies are offended by a lot of the stereotypical Irish stuff (leprechauns,  clovers ,  that stuff)… At the end of the day,  I’m like 4th Gen Irish and I find it exhausting to take everything so seriously. I will drink some mead (thanks Krista!),  wear green and probably cook something green.

Otherwise,  I’m trying to maintain our rhythm while healing up from a bad cold. Mondays are for cleaning and doing groceries. I’ve tackled some of our upstairs and now I’m putting off doing the main floor.  Our kitchen is a disaster thanks to the increased amount of cooking that’s been going on. Who would have thought that healthy living would be so messy?

It’s been a month since I’ve started eating better and working out. I’ve only lost 4lbs, but that’s ok. I’m not being hardcore about my efforts. This week I have some great meals planned. I’ll try to post them as I make them.

On the menu for tonight is this great stir fry recipe. I’ve made it a few times now and have loved it each time.

Well,  I can’t avoid cleaning anymore. Have great day,  enjoy some green drinks and food!