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Tuesday Update – Week 39

We are still baking away, and with the help of my friends and family, I have some down time to relax and post! Yay! Every time I sit down to these updates, I can’t help but wonder if its my last one :D

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): It was a busy week for us! We had our car seat inspected by the amazing Rae from Chantreuse Industries. I can’t recommend her and her company enough. Seriously guys, check them out. They do a little bit of everything. The next day, I lost a bit of my mucus plug and started getting crampy. That night, Pat and I went out and got him his new best friend:

The Nikon D5100

Pat and I have been making due with a lovely little point and shoot he received as a gift for his graduation from College about 6 years ago. It’s done us really well, but we knew it wasn’t going to give us the results we wanted for Baby L. We went to a local camera shop, Henry’s, which is well known for being THE PLACE to get all the deets and support you need when looking for a new camera. They didn’t disappoint at all. We are super happy with our purchase, the amazing Nikon D5100. :D Pat’s even thinking about taking a bunch of their courses.

The following day was super awesome because – TRACY ARRIVED!!! Since then its been a whirlwind.

She joined me for a midwife appointment, which went really well. Baby is low, locked and loaded. The midwife guestimated his arrival within a week due to the mucus plug situation (ps: that timeline? Would be tomorrow). Tracy and I did lots of running around, including groceries, picking up my rental TENS machine, went shopping for baby stuff and had a crazy easter weekend!

First, I’ll talk about the baby stuff we got. I know I said we were done, but we ended up having an issue with a crib we were gifted. While Pat was putting it together, we noticed a LOT of problems with it. Firstly, it was a used recalled drop-side crib. Secondly, you could tell that the previous owners had done some “DIY” improvements to it, perhaps to cover some issues up? Thirdly, it didn’t come with the after-market attachments to make it non-drop side. Lastly, the pieces that make it drop side were broken, turning it into a baby death trap. Basically, the drop side had nothing to keep it from randomly dropping and becoming a baby slap-chop. We talked about it and we both agreed that we would sleep much easier if we bought a new sturdy crib, so I did some searching online at some of our local stores and eventually, we ended up at Babies R Us with Tracy.

There, we bought this beauty of sturdy manly woodiness:

You can just hear it whisper: Your baby is safe with me.

Oh, and my amazing sister? She made a contribution to it as a gift to us. <3

So, as for Easter, we had two events. The first was the Friday feast at our place with my besties, S/K/& Kidlets. S brought almost all the food (a delicious ham, scalloped potatoes and cupcakes), I contributed carrots (which S ended up making), broccoli, the Lavender and Honey cake I keep trying to make and some brownies. It was a fantastic night which had much laughter, adorable children, great food and even better company. There was even only one electrocution and one incident of S’s meat juice to my eye! Yep. It was a great time :D

Saturday, we gathered our things and made our way to my SIL’s for the in-law Easter dinner. There we laughed, played with my nephew, ate delicious things and had a ridiculous time with X Box Kinect:

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, with not much going on but eating, watching TV and attempting to relax. I have been super crampy all week, so I haven’t been up for much (though Pat and I did make it out to IKEA on Monday. Dear god, it was terrifying)

How far along am I right now? 40 weeks. Whoa. I am four days from what the ultrasound tech set as my due date, one day after what I guessed, and one day before what the midwives have set as my EDD. I could go ANYTIME.

I am thinking…about what to make for dinner, honestly. And how I’m way less obsessed with having everything DONE.

I am thankful for… My brilliant and beautiful sister, who has been an incredible help to us, even in the short time she’s already been here. So happy to have her for 3 weeks!

Tracy and I chatting

From the kitchen… Aside from all of those tasty Easter dinners, nothing too fancy. We were gifted by one of Pat’s amazing co-workers last night with four home cooked meals, all frozen and ready for Baby L’s arrival <3. Tonight I’m thinking I may make this easy and delicious baked pasta.

I am wearing… whatever fits, at this point. I am so big!

I am creating…The Baby Yoda sweater for Liam.

I am going…to keep an open mind about when and how this little man arrives. It’s all up to him at this point.

I am reading… not really reading right now. Too tired and too busy

I am hoping…That I recognize the signs of labour and can get Pat home from work and off to the hospital before Baby L makes his appearance! My due date group has had two at home unassisted labours. While I am totally down for a home birth, I am not ok with not having the support of my birth team. eep!

I am hearing…Not much, honestly. I haven’t had time to listen to much music.

Around the house…Lots of work! We’re doing some final touches here and there. We have some new couches on their way for our upstairs sitting room. Pondering a glider – STILL! It is the one baby item that I’m freaking out about.

Currently Done:

So Far:

  • Basement painting (only a bit left, but we’re waiting until all the furniture is down to do the stairwell, as its getting dinged and scratched)
  • Move Office Downstairs
  • Decluttered and reorganized front closet
  • Decluttered and reorganized dining room
  • Set up organization system in basement
  • Do all baby laundry and sort clothes
  • Start packing hospital bag
  • Buy Nursing tanks
  • Set up TV Space downstairs
  • Bought sectional, coffee table and TV stand for basement
  • Set up Office downstairs
  • Cleaned out Soon-To-Be-Guest-Room (including carpet cleaning)
  • Moved furniture into guest room
  • Decluttered and reorganized bathrooms
  • Decluttered and reorganized kitchen (mostly done)
  • Bought the remaining baby essentials
  • Do maternity photos
  • Sold living room desk
  • Bought new phones for the house to replace the crappy dying ones
  • Bought Baby Journal
  • Scheduled an estimate with an HVAC guy
  • Had the HVAC guy in for the estimate
  • Set up guest room
  • Confirm hospital bag is packed
  • Sell Subaru
  • Buy new family vehicle
  • Move Kitty Litter to basement
  • Go on a date with hubby (saw The Hunger Games. SO GOOD)
  • Decide what to do with master bedroom (nothing other than a declutter. Everything else can wait a while)
  • Buy mattress for crib
  • Buy living room furniture (CAN’T WAIT! Its all awesome)
  • Buy bookcases for basement
  • Set up car seat (and inspected! Thanks to the amazing Rae from Chantreuse Industries)

This past week:

  • Buy and set up crib
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Keep house tidy
  • Set up book shelves in basement for DVD storage (and to help clear Sitting Room/Living Room upstairs)
  • Start baby sweater
  • Finish Boo Bear Hat (just needs pom poms!)

To Do:

  • Book the HVAC installation
  • Declutter and reorganize bedroom (in progress)
  • Declutter and reorganize living room (in progress)
  • Set up nursery (in progress)
  • Get basement window installed (on hold)
  • Buy a freaking glider already
  • Move DVDs down on to new book shelves

One of my favorite things…Dr. Pepper, despite their awful ads that put me into a huge rage. Our Tuscon <3 <3 This season of Mad Men. LOVE IT SO MUCH JOAN HAS A BABY OMG.

Oh, Roger

Weight Gain: Total, about 40 lbs.

Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, I think we upgraded to a watermelon.  Baby Centre says he weighed as much as a small watermelon. Nice.
Movement/Signs of the Baby: Little Man is super low. Ow. He doesn’t move around as much, but when he does, it’s like a chest-burster from the Alien movies. It amuses the hell out of me (and my family) how his position completely changes the shape of my belly.
Cravings and Aversions: Last night I needed one of Pat’s BBQ’d burgers. Aside from that, junk food has been king lately.
Body Changes/Weirdness: I’m 40 weeks pregnant. That’s pretty weird.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: It’s difficult being in the center of attention and having everyone want baby here so badly. I have this strange sense of guilt for “holding him back”. Also, I’m definitely uncomfortable now. I don’t have that “GET OUT BABY” feeling yet,  but rather “Please, be nice. I love you, stop hurting me”.
Other Pictures from this Week:
Me, in my natural habitat
Me and Tracy, on Easter Friday pre-meat juice wardrobe change
Not the most flattering picture, but I wanted to add it for memory's sake. This is me, at the end of Easter dinner on Friday. 39 weeks, 4 days (depending on who you ask. The u/s tech would argue it was my due date)

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