Cloth Diapering Part 2: What is it?

On any one of my shifts, I knew that I some point I would encounter it. I could spot the look from across the store. I knew it well, you see. I had had it once (or twice, or many times) too. What is the look, you ask? The look of “Holy crap, that is a whole freaking wall of diapers! What are they all? How are they different? I just want to make sure my kid doesn’t pee on me and all my things!

Cloth diapering sounds simple in theory. I mean, for the longest time it was the only option out there. So, why is it when we start looking in to it do we find ourselves completely and totally overwhelmed by information? Because, my friends, this is a time when you are already being told by a million companies and stores that you NEED all this baby stuff, and without x, y and z, you will have a miserable child who will never sleep or eat or thrive blah blah blah. Look at the options! The colours! The features!

My goal here to is avoid all that pressure and insanity. Like anything else in the commercial baby world, cloth diapers can be as insane and as complicated as you want it to be, OR as simple. Try to remind yourself, that at the end of the day, we are talking about things that catch pee and poop. No matter what you choose, your kid is going to be ok.

Say it with me, please. Your kid is going to be ok.

So, take a deep breath and walk with me into the world of cloth. Take your time. Any of these options will do the job. There is no right or wrong answer here.


We live in a world, at least here in Canada, where disposables are tops. With that in mind, how about we start with the diapers that are closest to throwing a disposable on, moving towards the types that your parents or grandparents would recognize.


All in Ones (commonly known as AIO)


Smart Bottoms All In One


BumGenius Freetime All-in-One

What is it: An All In One is exactly that. It is a diaper that has everything you need, sewn right in. It is the closest to a disposable in both look and use. You literally just put it on your kid. For a long time, these were favoured by those who wanted the easiest cloth option out there, including daycare providers and those who were a little more cloth shy.

Why is it awesome? With minimal prep, these bad boys are ready to go. After washing, all you need to do is throw it on your baby. Some require you to make sure the sewn in insert lays flat or is tucked in, but that’s it.

Why might I not like it? Firstly, because all the pieces are attached, they take longer to dry, which can be annoying if you have a smaller stash. Also, they tend to be the most expensive option because everything is there. They are a bit more of a pain to customize. You have a heavier wetter and you may struggle a bit to add a booster. Want to try a different fiber? You may have to buy a completely different brand or diaper. Also, you really only get one use at a time with AIOs. Kid pees or poops? Into the wet bag it goes to be washed.

What brands do you recommend? BumGenius offers two AIO options in either Freetime or Elemental. Thirsties is a great, affordable brand as well and I love their new prints. You can also try Imagine, Funky Fluff and Sweet Pea.


Pocket Diapers


Kangacare Rumparooz Pocket Diaper


Kawaii One-Size Pocket Diaper

What is it: A pocket diaper is a water proof cover that is lined with a soft and absorbent fabric that has a pocket. In the pocket you put an insert. Some pocket diapers come with inserts, usually microfiber. Other inserts can be fleece, bamboo, hemp, cotton, or a blend or combination.

Why is it awesome? I love pocket diapers. They are my personal favourite. Why? Well, they are incredibly versatile while still being easy to use. What do I mean? Well, if you need to add boosters, or change the kind of insert you use, you just need to buy the insert or booster and throw it in the pocket. Taadaa! Done. This means a pocket diaper will work for different kids with different needs, and for different phases of cloth diapering. You can mix and match different brands of inserts and boosters as well, so if you find one you love, you don’t have to stick with whatever insert came with the diaper.

In terms of prep and use, they are still really easy (though a bit more hands on). All you need to do is wash, dry, then stuff your insert into the pocket and you’re good to go! Once stuffed, they basically look like an All In One and go right on the kiddo. They are usually cheaper than All In Ones too, which is a nice bonus.

Why might I not like it? It is a bit more work than just diapering your kid. You do have to stuff the diaper, and, when it comes to washing, most brands require you to remove the insert from the pocket first (which means you may come in contact with pee or poop). Like an All In One, they are a one use before wash diaper, which means they need to be washed once they come in contact with pee or poop.

What brands do you recommend? My personal favourites have changed a bit over the last year. Currently, I’m a big fan of Bum Genius, Apple Cheeks, and Rumparooz.


Hybrid Diapers


GroVia Hybrid Diaper


Best Bottom Hybrid Diaper

What is it: A waterproof cover, usually without any kind of lining. Cover has buttons to which you can attach their insert directly, without any pocket or covering.

Why is it awesome? The big seller for Hybrid diapers is that they are quick and easy to prep and you can reuse the cover. To prep, all you have to do is wash, dry, snap in their insert and put the diaper on the baby. Most hybrid brands offer different kinds and sizes of inserts so that you can customize your diaper as baby grows and their diapering needs change. A big plus is that so long as the cover itself doesn’t get poopy, you can reuse it between uses. So, baby does their business? You remove the soiled insert, wipe down the cover’s waterproof lining, put in another inset and you’re good to go. This means you need fewer covers, which is great for when you’re out and about, for storage and, in theory, for the pocket book. One thing that’s nice is that if you have a mixed stash, you can use the hybrid covers as regular covers with prefolds or fitteds.

Why might I not like it? Well, despite the idea of not needing many covers, hybrid systems tend to be a bit more expensive than one would expect. Inserts are shaped to the diaper and aren’t always swappable between brands, which means you usually need to buy the correct insert for the same brand of cover.

What brands do you recommend? I loved these when L was little. They made for quick changes and less bulk in the diaper bag. I am a big fan of Best Bottoms, Grovia and the new Bummis hybrid.


Prefold Diapers and Covers


BabyKicks Prefold Diaper, without cover.


Bummis Prefold and Cover

What is it: A prefold diaper is pretty similar to what previous generations would have used for diapering, but have been upgraded for better fit, use and absorbency.

The prefold itself is a square piece of cloth with two seams sewn in. The middle portion is usually thicker with more layers of absorbent fabric. The seams are what make this “prefolded”. You would then fold the square into whatever shape works best for you and baby, and then you would cover the prefold with a waterproof cover of your choice. Without the cover, the prefold isn’t waterproof on its own.

Why is it awesome? Firstly, these are the cheapest diapering option out there. This is where you can save some serious money, especially compared to disposables. Secondly, prefolds only get more absorbent with use. The more you wash them, the more the fibers loosen up. Thirdly, they are incredibly versatile. You can change the kind of prefold you use if you want, you can buy different prefolds in different fibers and different sizes. You can fold the prefold however you want, with different folds to serve different purposes. Prefolds themselves are also awesome burp cloths and rags, which can give them a second life if you decide not to sell. Oh, and if you have a mixed stash, you can use prefolds as inserts in your pockets or use your hybrid covers with your prefolds.

I actually really love how you can have a bunch of really awesome covers, and a bunch of different kids of prefolds. Also, like the hybrid, these are a multi-use diaper. Toss the prefold into the wash, wipe down the cover and use a new prefold to keep on going. This keeps you from having to carry around as much and keeps costs down. For multiple kids of different genders, if you want to go girlie or boyish, you can cheaply pick up a couple more covers and reuse the prefolds you already have. Oh, and for washing, these babies dry up much much faster because they are all separate pieces.

Why might I not like it? These are probably the most labour intensive and intimidating cloth option, but I promise, they aren’t as complicated as they seem.

They require more bits and pieces, from the prefold, to the cover, some people like to use either pins or snappis to fasten the prefold on baby before putting the cover on.

Also, the obvious: Folding. I know, it looks fussy and crazy, especially when you add a baby to the mix. You don’t need to be a fancy origami expert to do this, I promise. You can go from as easy as a rectangle (outside flaps folded in, to create a pad) to something more diaper like. There is a learning curve, and it isn’t for everyone, but I swear anyone can figure it out.

What brands do you recommend? For the prefolds themselves, Bummis is tops for me. There is just something about that puffy cotton quilted looking fluff. Baby Kicks are also awesome for different fiber blends. As for covers, Thirsties, Rumparooz, Planet Wise and wool have my vote.


Fitted Diapers


Babee Greens Fitted Diaper

What is it: A fitted diaper looks more like your disposable, but unless you know what a prefold is, it’s hard to explain, so I’ve put them here. Basically, a fitted is a prefold that has been sewn into a diaper shape for ease of use and fit. Most are not waterproof on their own, so you would put the fitted diaper on baby and then put a cover over top.

Why is it awesome? The ease of use of any of the other fitted types (AIO, Pocket. No folding!). The ability to mix and match a fitted with a diaper cover, the multi-use like a prefold. They are insanely absorbent. Like, crazy absorbent. A lot of people use these for over nights, for heavy wetters or long trips.

Why might I not like it? Because of their shape and the need to have a cover, they tend to be bulky. This can make clothing baby a bit of a pain. They are also far more expensive than a prefold, because of their tailored fit. Because of this, I don’t know many people who just use fitteds for all their diapering needs. Also, because of the way they are made, they take a while to dry.

What brands do you recommend? Sustainablebabyish, Baby Kicks and Kissaluvs.

There you have it. There are always new products popping up, but these are the ones you are most likely to come across. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a line. I am by no means an expert, but I will try my best to help. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and found it helpful as you consider starting your cloth diaper journey.

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Weekly Preggo Update: 36 Weeks

As I mentioned in my last pregnancy update, I am going to switch to weekly updates until baby arrives. You know, assuming I can keep up. I’ll try ;)


A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): It was a busy week! It started off with my close friends throwing me an amazing baby shower at the Upkeep  Shoppe on Preston. It’s a fantastic nail bar, skin care and tea boutique. Yep. Pretty much heaven. I had a blast and was spoiled silly. Afterwards, a few of us make our way over to Stella Luna for gelato and coffee. They have a special gelato that they offer for pregnant ladies that promises to help get labour started, so obviously I had to try it. (Here we are, a week later and no baby, so obviously I wasn’t ready for it, but it was incredibly tasty anyway).

The rest of the week has been good. Found out my sister, Tracy, has booked a flight to visit us after baby arrives! I’m so so happy! Had a good OB appointment, a park date with some amazing ladies, an afternoon chilling with my doula and then a great mom and kiddo hang out.

The only downside is that I’m feeling extremely pregnant. My pelvis hurts like a mofo, I’ve been super crampy and nauseated. Some days I’m fine, others, I just want to sleep all day and be done with pregnancy. Thank god I’m no longer working. I can’t imagine trying to manage standing for hours while feeling this way.

How far along am I right now? 37 Weeks, 9 Months

I am thinking…about the last few things we have left to do before M makes his grand appearance. We still need to repair the glider, make a value village drop off, finalize the hospital bags, wrap christmas gifts, etc…

I am thankful for… Our incredible community of friends. I can’t tell you how supportive they’ve been. Between the gifts, the hand me downs, the meals, the helpful info and emotional support, I am so completely overwhelmed. This week alone, we’ve had like 5 different families offer to help out with Liam when baby comes.

I am wearing… Mat clothes. Most of my shirts no longer fit and the elastic on my pants have given up the illusion of even trying to stay up, but I do what I can.

I am creating…Attempting to work on Christmas gifts, but I have no energy to do much of anything these days.

I am going… to see if the full moon and crazy weather changes of this upcoming week will perhaps encourage M to arrive. I still have a feeling he’s going to make his appearance before his EDD of Dec 14

I am hoping…for a much more relaxed labour this time.

One of my favorite things…Zantac and milk. My heartburn has been AWFUL this time.

Weight Gain: In total, we’re at 24lbs.

Baby is how big?: According to my Ovia App, baby is the size of a chihuahua.
Movement and Pregnancy Weirdness: Movement has slowed down a bit now that kiddo is running out of room. He still has dance parties throughout the day, but the jabs are definitely more concentrated to certain areas. As for weirdness, Baby keeps going from feeling super low to back up. Not sure if he’s actually moving around like that, but I keep getting intense pelvic pressure and then kicks up near my ribs. Maybe this kid is going to be a giant? Also, I no longer fit in the maternity coat that I was given near the end with Liam. I can barely button it up. Oh dear.
Cravings and Aversions: Craving lots of dairy (milk, cheese, chocolate), and salty meat (hurr hurr hurr), like hot dogs or the like.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I am amused by the daily email and text checks to see how I’m doing. My friends are awesome <3 For the curious:
Other Pictures from this Week:

Review: November Ipsy Glam Bag

Theme: Beauty Blast

Bag: The cosmos! Man, I love this bag. It’s gorgeous. The colours are perfect.


The Loot:


China Glaze in Travel in Colour

This is the one item I haven’t had a chance to try yet. My baby shower was a trip to a fantastic nail spa, so I wasn’t about to ruin my professionally done nails for the sake of a review. Sorry <3 I will say the colour kind of looks meh to me. It’s sort of a yellowy base which I hope dries more clear. The shimmer is gorgeous though. It’s pink, blue and purple iridescence. I love it. Once my nails are done I’ll give it a shot and let you know what I think.



Crown Brush Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush

I was actually excited about this one. Mama loves her brushes and I love playing with colours in my crease. Unfortunately this one felt a little cheap to me. The size was just a wee bit too small and the bristles were just a little too flimsy.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara

I have received this before and enjoyed it, so I was anticipating the same this time. That said, I’ve also tried a fair number of other mascaras since I last used this and honestly, it was just sort of ok. I still prefer my They’re Real or Better Than Sex. It does an ok job, I just felt like I really needed to layer to get oomph. It does do a good job of lengthening and separating though.

Coolway Stronghold Spray

I was actually really happy with this product. I used it on both wet and dry hair for blow drying my bangs, air drying my curls and then touching them up with a curling iron. My hair had great volume and hold. It didn’t quite beat the frizz, but I’m still pretty happy with the results. The fragrance is pretty nice for a hair spray too.


My look, before the gel liner

Beaute Basics Gel Eyeliner with Eyeliner Brush

I was excited about this one when I first saw it was going to be included. I wish it was in black or a metallic. The navy was ok, but it wasn’t quite as dark as I was hoping. Application was ok. The gel was a little thick,  but I figured it out. Unfortunately, my eyes HATED it. I had bad swelling afterwards. Not good. Definitely not going to use it again.


My look, with the gel liner. 


The next day, no makeup to show you the swelling on my eye. Ouch.

Over-all Review of the Bag: Better than last month, for sure. The bag alone made me happy to receive this month. The products themselves were ok. The sizing of the samples were mostly good. I wish there were more exciting brands, but china glaze and smashbox is a good start considering. I’m bummed that I had a skin reaction, but that happens when you have sensitive skin.


My full look with these products for my Baby Shower

And, a quick note to wrap everything up: I am now 9 months pregnant and could have baby any time. This means I can’t guarentee when or if I will be doing any more ipsy reviews. I haven’t decided how long I’ll keep this subscription either. Once things get settled with baby I will definitely bring back reviews, but please don’t get your hopes up for one next month. I’ll do my best, but family comes first.

Pregnancy Update: Month 8


A peek at month 8: Hormones are in high gear this month. I’m very moody, restless, emotional and grumpy. Of course, because timing is awesome, the whole family caught a nasty sinus and chest mancold. So unpleasant. Many sleepless nights and exhausted days.

I started to find work was really hard on my body and Braxton Hicks started to make that known to me. The weekend of Halloween was fun but difficult for me, A long shift at work and lots of activities meant resulted in some bleeding, pressure, pain and a really unhappy worried mom. We ended up seeing the OB to make sure everything was ok and found out that I am overdoing it. Baby M is doing fine, but my body was not pleased with me. He recommended I leave work as soon as we could afford it, and so, my mat leave started a whole month early with Halloween being the last day I worked.

Timing ended up working in our favour as Pat has hopefully snagged a part time job to get us through me not qualifying for mat leave pay. Unfortunately, this means he will be working like 70 hours a week and I will be on my own with two kiddos during that time. Eep. Also, we booked Baby M’s eviction date. Because of my previous C-Section, my induction options are limited, and with the holidays being a pain for scheduling, we were booked for my Just In Case C-Section on Christmas Eve. So weird having a date where I know M will be here, no matter what.

How far along am I right now? 36 Weeks (9 months)

I am thinking…About how close we are now! How I’m going to handle this whole stay at home mom thing. How I can’t wait for my upcoming baby shower. I miss seeing all my friends together <3

I am thankful for…Our amazing health care system that allows me to get checked out even when we are pretty sure everything is ok but just want to double check.

I am creating…Not much. I don’t have much energy these days and my body is so sore.

I am going…to try and rest, despite my insane nesting urge to constantly clean and organize.

I am hoping…that baby M arrives well before his Christmas eviction date.

Around the house…trying not to overdo it, which has been proving to be difficult. My goals right now are to get on top of laundry and clean out our deep freezer so that we have room for freezer meals.

One of my favorite things…Halloween treats. Yum!

Weight Gain: Somewhere around 25lbs?

Baby in the Produce World:  Baby Centre says baby M is now as big as a head of romaine lettuce. That seems big. Eep. (36 weeks)
 Movement/Signs of the Baby: Holy, this kid has not been gentle on my insides. I swear he’s trying to claw and punch his way out. With Liam, I joked that he was a tiny ninja or dancer. This kiddo is hulk. He wakes me up with his jabs, and I have definitely felt pain at some of his movements. He moves around a lot. He is head down, and goes from low to high, curled up to stretched WAY out.

Cravings and Aversions: Chips and onion dip, cereal with milk and sugar, chocolate bars.
Body Changes/Weirdness: I think I’ve started to lose my mucous plug. Discharge is gross and frequent and man, do I hurt ALL the time. I feel like a rotisserie chicken with the amount of turning I have to do during the night due to sore hips (even with my snoogle). Bending is becoming very difficult (and sometimes impossible), depending on where baby is located. Also, peeing. Kid sometimes makes it impossible for me to pee. Ugh.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I am going to try to post more frequently as we get closer to the date, but I’m not sure it’s going to work out. We’ll have to wait and see. Basically, with all of my symptoms, baby could come at any time.

Cloth Diapering: Part 1 – Why Cloth?


As most of you know, I work part time at a fantastic little boutique in the west end of Ottawa called Belly Laughs. Or rather, I did before starting Mat Leave. I started there when L was just about to turn 1, and had my mind blown by Cloth Diapering. We had exclusively been using disposables until this point. I had lots of friends who used cloth, but it never seemed like a good fit for us. Oh, silly Heather. I had no idea what lay ahead of me.

So, as part of my training in my new job, I was sent home with a cloth week long trial package and I attended one of our free cloth diaper workshops. I was shocked at how much I liked it and how little it actually effected my laundering. I was convinced. We officially started using cloth part time shortly thereafter. Pat is (and was) still very much unconvinced, but that’s ok. Part time suited us just fine. Since then, I have been immersed in the fluffy cloth world through work and friends and love it. So, now that I’m talking about Baby M and everything we have to prepare for him, it’s only right that I talk about cloth.

I am by no means a cloth expert. I’ve only used some brands and some kinds (flats still scare me) and I’m still really a newb when you consider how many bum changes I’ve actually done. That said, I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned, so here we go. So, let’s start with the basics.

Why Cloth?

So many people have asked me why they should bother with cloth, especially when we live in a time of many disposable choices. Many of our parents didn’t have a choice and had to use cloth, so why should we? Well, it really depends on your family. I am a strong believer in every family having it’s own needs, dynamics and solutions. While I love cloth, it doesn’t appeal to everyone and that is ok. You are no less a great parent for using sposies. At the end of the day, we are just talking about something to catch poop and pee. So, this is why I dig cloth:

  1. We are on an extremely tight budget. Like, reaaaaalllly tight. There are some amazing cloth options that are SO MUCH CHEAPER than disposables. There are a ton of blog posts out there that really get into this (here are two for you: The MintLife Blog and Cloth Diapering Myths), but I will say that there is a significant difference, even for those who buy no-name brands or discounted bulk boxes. Aside from the initial cost for the first year being less, you also benefit from being able to use your stash again for any future kids you have or you can sell them and get some of the money you invested back! This is huge for us, as I already have a decent stash acquired while money was better and I had a good discount at the store. You can also buy cloth used for even cheaper, so really, you can make cloth work with any budget.
  2. It’s better for the environment. Yes, this has been debated a bit as people point out the added cost of water and hydro to care for cloth, however when you compare that to needing hundreds of years for sposies to decompose in the trash…eep! Also, some cloth diapers, such as flats or prefolds can be repurposed as house hold cloth for cleaning, burp clothes, whatever. Then there’s the fact that you can hand them down or sell them when your done with them, rather than tossing them. Oh, and if they get damaged? They can often be repaired.
  3. Some people believe it is safer for babies. Now, I am no doctor. I don’t have science to back me up, but I can see where people are coming from. There is a bunch of chemicals in sposies that sit right against a baby’s body, for a year. With cloth, you have the ability to buy safe fabrics and safe detergents so you know exactly what is touching your baby.
  4. Some people believe it makes for easier potty learning. Because babies in cloth actually feel when they are wet, it is believed that they have an easier time transitioning to a potty than kiddos who where disposables.

So, what are some of the things people worry about with trying cloth?

-Poop. All that poop. Well, yes, it is no secret that babies and toddlers poop. A lot. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t freak me out to turn a diaper upside down over a toilet or use a scraper to get the bigger bits off before washing. I have had pets my whole life and have been picking up poop for as long as I can remember. Baby poop isn’t bad, and seriously, no matter what you put on their butt, you will be coming in contact with poop at some point (Interesting fact: Cloth Diapers actually allow for a better fit if worn properly, which lessens the risk of poopsplosion/blow outs.) Unless you are insanely lucky, poop will touch you at some point on your parenting journey. I have had friends who have had middle of the night butt explosions that splattered nursery walls (My poor BIL), friends who had to deal with poop soup in the tub, friends who have had their kiddos remove diapers during the night/nap and paint themselves and their surroundings with poop. It happens. Kids are gross. So, if poop is the only thing holding you back, it may be time to prepare yourself for the poop you will be facing, no matter what kind of diaper you choose.

-But poop! In the laundry!! Yes, there will be poop in  your laundry. Here’s a secret: This will happen with or without cloth. Once again, kids are gross. Poop in clothes is going to happen. Some people throw poopy clothes away. Cloth diapers are not really a good fit for these people. For me, that was never an option. Water and soap have been cleaning poop away for as long as we have been caring about hygiene. Washing machines are designed to clean up clothes from all sorts of messes. This includes things that come from the body. If you’re really worried about it, run a super hot cycle after each diaper load just to keep things sanitized. There are also cloth diaper services where they drop off clean diapers and take away the dirty ones for you. They do all the cleaning!

-So much more work. Doesn’t have to be! There are cloth diapers out there that are as easy as disposables. All in ones, pre-stuffed pockets. Really, it’s not time consuming or hard unless you make it so. Laundry is going to happen anyway (see the above “Babies are gross” statement), so it’s really not that crazy to have to clean some diapers every few days. Cloth, like anything else, can be made as easy and quick or as difficult and time consuming as you make it. It’s really up to you.

-So many more changes! This is true. Cloth doesn’t have that snazzy gel stuff that disposables do, and they don’t sag like disposables do, so you do have to change your kid when they get wet or you run the risk of them having a rash. That said, there are fiber options out there to give you better absorbency if you have a frequent or heavy wetter to give you a bit more time between changes. In most cases, cloth diaper users still change every 2 hours or so, which is what you should be doing with disposables anyway.

-They stink! People are used to throwing away sposies in special diaper buckets that seal with special odor eating bags and get very cranky when they can still smell a dirty diaper. The reason that disposables stink so much is because they are plastic and never dry. They are little pockets of stink that stay stinky, so of course you need special methods of disposal. With cloth, even the waterproof lining still allows air in. Wet bags, which is where you put your dirty cloth, are breathable as well. Why? Because air dries everything out, which controls the stink and keeps bacteria from growing and adding to the stink. Also, because you wash your cloth every few days, you don’t have as many diapers sitting around stinking the place up, so really, it’s not stinky. For those that are still super sensitive to stink, there are products to help (sprays, deodorizers, pails, etc),

Ok, so. Clearly I am pretty biased towards cloth. I admit that. Still though, I recognize and respect that they aren’t for everyone. Some people just don’t want to deal with them. It just makes more sense to pick up a box of diapers at Costco and throw them out when they are dirty. You know what? That’s ok. I’m not here to judge you. I just want you to know that there are other options out there. Cute options. Like, really cute options. Really cheap options too. For us, that was the big thing. I hope to save our family a bunch of money by using cloth during the day. Every little bit helps, right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and found it helpful as you consider starting your cloth diaper journey.

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Review: October Ipsy Glam Bag

Theme: Alter-Ego

Bag: Gold and Black, perfect for Halloween without being too cheesy.


The Loot:

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

This is the perfect time of year for a hair mask. We are starting to get temps in the minuses, with dry heat inside. My poor locks have been a mess since I stopped dying it. I really liked the scent of the mask. I didn’t need very much to treat my hair, though I was expecting it to feel a bit more like a conditioner. My hair felt lovely after the treatment, but I can’t say that it made any significant difference after one use. Will keep using it over the next while (once a week or so) and see if it actually does help.

Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub

As with the first leaf changing from green to yellow or red, the mighty pumpkin has arrived as a herald of fall. Pumpkin everything is everywhere, so it makes sense that Ipsy would send something out that has pumpkin in it. I was a bit nervous about trying this because I am in the middle of a bad eczema flare up on my face and pumpkin isn’t super hydrating or calming for me. I was brave in the name of beauty, and gave it a shot anyway. I found the grains a little too harsh for my liking, and honestly, I didn’t feel super in love with the formula otherwise. It’s ok, and definitely fun for a seasonal thing, but not something I see myself using again.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Lipstick

Matte lipstick is everywhere right now, so I was excited to give it a shot. That said, with my current eczema outbreak, I was worried about the state of my lips ruining the effect. So, I prepped. I exfoliated, moisturized and primed. The lipstick itself goes on smoothly and softly, and then dries into a matte finish. Unfortunately, the first time I used it, it completely dried out my lips to the point that my poor lips were flaking. The second time, I used a more hardcore moisturizer first and it did make a difference. Sadly, it also caused the lipstick to fade much more quickly, leaving me with what looked like lip liner. The colour wasn’t quite right for me. It was slightly too orange for my skin tone, so it’s not one I see myself reaching for, even with my lips in better shape. The packaging is super cute, but the sample size is very tiny.

Me wearing the lipstick, before getting to work

Me wearing the lipstick, before getting to work

it Cosmetics Hello Lashes Clincally proven 5-in-1 mascara

This was my only win this month. I really enjoy the packaging, and the wand made application easy (though I will say it felt a bit flimsy). The formula is great and did make a big difference in my lashes. No flaking or clumping, and lasted despite my weepy eyes thanks to allergies. Will keep using, for sure! One thing: Be careful not to get this in your eye. It burns like hell and will take forever to stop.

Don't mind me, just taking a picture of my eyes at work.

Don’t mind me, just taking a picture of my eyes at work.

Emite Make Up Professional slant tweezers

I’m not sure I needed new tweezers, but maybe now I will have an extra set for when my hubby steals my usual pair. This ones worked great, grabbing on to the hair nicely and allowing me to really get into my brow angles without ripping out large patches tragically. Good set of tweezers.

Over-all Review of the Bag: Honestly, I’m not super impressed. The theme didn’t really mesh with the products. Alter-Ego/Halloween would have made more sense with some naturals paired with some crazy fun stuff. These all felt pretty blah to me, even without considering the formulas that didn’t work for me. I would have loved some crazy eyeshadow colours, some crazy lashes or a bright extreme lipcolour. Something out there, you know? Looking at the specific products, I was pretty disappointed all over the board. They weren’t good for my sensitive dry skin, and the size of the samples were pretty little this time around. Sorry ipsy, it wasn’t love this month.

Sorry for the blurry at work pictures. I'm 8 months pregnant and sick. The only time I get makeup on my face these days is when I have to look presentable. ;)

Sorry for the blurry at work pictures. I’m 8 months pregnant and sick. The only time I get makeup on my face these days is when I have to look presentable. ;)

Pregnancy Update: Month 7

Sorry for the confusing title changes to these posts. It occurs to me that evening though I post this when I hit the following month, I am talking about the previous month…errr…confusng. Anyway, this post is about my 7th month of Pregnancy. So, yeah.


A peek at month 7: Thank the Gods, month 7 was far less intense than last month. We did have one visit to triage, but everything looks good so I’m not worried. We got the results back on my gestational diabetes test and I PASSED!! WOOHOO! Who’s eating apple pie for breakfast? This guy.The weather has turned a bit cooler, and I’m definitely feeling gigantic, so we haven’t been out and active in a bit. We did have a lovely thanksgiving with my in-laws though.Oh, and a wonderful friend and fellow April Mom (L and her daughter were born in the same month three years ago, we have been friends since pregnancy) has offered to be our doula!! I’m so excited!

How far along am I right now? 32 Weeks (8 months)

I am thinking…About all the final details. DH is meeting our OB this month, and we have added a good friend of mine to our birthing team, as our Doula. I’m repacking our hospital bag and making sure our people are ready to care for Liam and our pets when the time comes.

I am thankful for…The beautiful weather, tea, and pumpkin scones.

I am creating…Lots of Halloween crafts with Liam, some Christmas stuff (hoping to get it all done early so I can just focus on baby)

I am going…keep working until the end of November, if all goes well.

I am hoping…that baby M isn’t going to be as huge as everyone thinks he will be.

Around the house…Trying to stay on top of cleaning and decluttering. We are pretty much ready for baby, with the exception of a few small things. DH has to fix our free glider, that sort of thing.

One of my favorite things…My snoogle and zantac. Night time has been BRUTAL for heartburn and hip pain.

Weight Gain: Somewhere around 25lbs?

Baby in the Produce World:  Baby Centre says baby M is now as big as a stalk of kale. Really? (at 32 weeks)
 Movement/Signs of the Baby: Definitely way more movement this month! I have been unsuccessful at capturing video of it, and poor Daddy still hasn’t felt much, but I definitely do. He looooooves to kick my ribs and headbutt my pelvis. My poor bladder seems to be a comfy pillow for him as well.

Cravings and Aversions: Pumpkin Scones from Starbucks are the big one, and cheesy delicious pizza from Gabriel’s. Yum. No major aversions at the moment.
Body Changes/Weirdness: Welcome pregnancy insomnia and frequent pee breaks! Also, TMI time folks: For those of you who may not know, pregnancy brings about a lovely change often referred to as swamp crotch. This basically means you have a LOT more discharge and your crotch is pretty much always damp. Well, mine ramped WAY up this month, which brought us to Triage out of concern that I was leaking amniotic fluid. All turned out ok, but I am living in Poise liners now (or as Liam likes to call them “Mommy’s Diapers”). Otherwise, it’s all the typical stuff. My bellybutton is now an outie, my boobs are huge and sore, my belly is decorated in tiger’s stripes. Interestingly enough, I don’t have the crazy foot swelling that I had with Liam and I don’t think I’ve really had braxton hicks at all this time around (last time I had them CONSTANTLY)
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: Can I seriously get bigger? Ugh. My maternity clothes are already giving up the fight. Elastic waists don’t stay up and shirts barely cover my bump.
Other Pictures from the 7th month: